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  1. Hello All, I sold a car back in Dec 2009 and I had a knock on the door last week, the buyer had found out the car was subject to a Log Book Loan. I brought the car from a dealer off e-bay, I didnt do a check on the car, but I decided I didnt want the car after a couple of weeks of owning it, it was too heavy on fuel for my needs so I sold the car (who is a part time dealer) via autotrader. I have researched this subject greatly on the internet, but I cant find the answer I want answered. The question is:- I have all the details of the dealer I brought it off, I have tried to solve the problem but it seems the dealer I brought it off wants to go to court. Can I just give my buyer the details of the dealer I brought it off and thats me out of the loop? I am trying to see the CAB, but it takes two weeks to get an appointment, and I dont really want to spend the money on a solictor. Thanks in advance for your help
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