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  1. Hi,


    Someone with more knowledge than me will probably come along soon.

    At this early stage no-one is going to be knocking at your door yet. When they do decide to come knocking do not let them in and make sure that all doors and windows are locked, speak to them through the letter box. Do not pay any attention to any claims that they are entitled to force entry or that they can get you arrested, they are lies!

    Also, if you have a car either put it in a garage or move it several streets away.

    Without gaining access to your home or your car there is practically very little they can do.


    I suggest that since this is very recent that trying to make an arrangement directly with the council may still be possible.

  2. Just something which might be useful.


    A couple of years ago my ex wife tried to obtain £20,000 from me via the CSA.

    Basically she told them a pack of lies claiming I had never paid her a penny.

    CSA contacted me and asked for payment or they would be forced to obtain a charge on the house.

    I asked them how the came to this conclusion and for proof of non payment.

    They said they didnt need it as the word of the ex wife was proof enough.

    10 minuted later having threatened them with the Sex Discrimination act they folded and decided to no longer pursue it!

  3. You can still use the car.


    If you and the car is not there when he calls then the only action he is likely to take is a letter through your door threatening all sorts none of which is likely to happen.


    He has only levied on your car to try and frighten you into paying, unless your car is very new or special then he is highly unlikely to actually want to take it.

  4. New here but I will try.


    1) Walking possession order does not have to be signed by yourself.


    2) I don't beleive that a bailiff can charge three times if only one visit has been made, hopefully someone else will be along soon to clarify that point.


    3) Unless the bailiff has entered your home peacefully ie. Invited in or gained access through open door/window then they have no right to force entry.

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