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  1. Done. Thank you Martin for all the help and strength given to so many people. RIP.
  2. Right, well the above has been sent to their 'excellence' department, which I assume is the first port of call for complaints, so will see what occurs!!!! Thanks again.
  3. Thanks dx, so am I within my rights to demand this or can they refuse to do anything?
  4. Can anyone please advise me on what I should reasonably expect from 'Very' in light of the sequence of events detailed in the letter below, please? Also are there any consumer laws covering this situation that I can refer to, as I am assuming they will say that there is nothing they can do? thanks. Dear Sir or Madam I am writing with regards to the JMB 40inch TV I purchased in October 2012. Within 2 weeks of the purchase the TV developed a fault. It would not switch on and there was a continuous flashing light. I called your customer services and they sent an engineer out to find the fault. The conclusion was that the motherboard was faulty. Very customer services wanted to have the TV repaired. I was not happy with this as the TV was newly purchased, therefore I said this was not acceptable, and eventually it was agreed that a replacement would be sent to me. I have since arranged 3 collection dates for the faulty TV, and made numerous phone calls to your contact centre at a 0844, at a cost to myself every time. On each occasion I was at home from 7am to 7pm, as requested, and subsequently lost a days work each time. After the third occasion of waiting in for the courier to not arrive again, I called your customer services again, and expressed my annoyance. T he collection was then moved to the following Monday and put on ‘urgent collection’. I then took a fourth day off work. And yet again, the courier did not turn up. All of these collections were well prior to the recent spell of bad weather so this cannot be made an excuse, as was attempted when I last called. My 4 days off work plus the phone calls equate to more than 2/3 of the total cost of the TV. I believe that I am entitled to an adequate compensation for your mistake, which has been of great financial detriment to myself, and the TV has still not been collected. As stated in the sale of goods act and the supply of goods and service act 1982, if the action offered to the consumer is not appropriate, the consumer is entitled to price reduction or a refund. I am not happy with the losses I have incurred due to my treatment by your company, therefore would require compensation. I look forward to your reply within 14 days Regards
  5. Does anyone know how you would record on an income and expenses form credit that is in your name but that someone else pays for? When I had an impeccable credit history (ha ha) my daughter and ex used credit in my name and they still pay for it. If I record their payments as my income it gives a false impression of my finances???
  6. Took an executive decision and had a pretty stress free break, determined to enjoy it. Came back yesterday and intended ringing court re: N154 today, but got a thick solicitors envelope on the doorstep this morning - eeeeeeeek!!!
  7. how long does it usually take for N154 to arrive? I am going away for a few days this weekend, back weds, and as its 1st break in 2 years wondered if I could forget all this until I come back? If its not going to create any further problems, that is?
  8. Still not received the Notice of Allocation.(N154). Been laid up with flu so not chased it up yet. Can I just check that its 0300 1231372 I need to ring please? Thanks.
  9. Thanks for the advice on my thread, just read your thread and you seem to be way ahead of me. Thank heavens for Andy is all I can say lol, Im officially cacking myself now. Any advice you can give me will be gratefully accepted!!!
  10. Ok Andy, thanks. Will try and forget about it until that arrives on my doorstep!!!!! Unless theres anything you recommend I do in the meantime?
  11. Ok, not had anything yet. They haven't asked for anything on their AQ, will they have to send me what I asked for on mine?
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