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  1. Hi All just a bit of advice please I have tried to claim bank charges back from RBS on a personal and a business account under the hardship rules as been off work injured for a while and am now having to sell my home the charges are all refferal fees and total some 3K I am going to take it to the fob is it possible to put these accounts in to dispute while the fobs look at the complaint and will this stop intrest. Thanks CB
  2. Thanks for that I will do that today , the consultants reply is below i will send this off as well but dont hold out much hope "thanks you for your query. I can confirm that your shoulder injury is related to tendon tear(rotator cuff tendons). the insurance policy mentioned ligaments, strictly speaking tendons are different both functionally and structurally. however in the shoulder especially they work very close together. In general purely ligament damage is more sports related while rotator cuff tendons tear are accident related. If you had taken this insurance policy hoping to be covered for shoulder injury(which should ideally be both ligament and tendon), I understand your disappointment. I am sure the insurance company will understand this and will consider your request favourably. this may be have been an oversight on their part and in fact I would recommend that the form be amended to include tendons as this will clarify things both for the company and the policy holders " CB
  3. Just thinking not that I dont trust Insurance companies would a SAR be a better idea ? just to see the exact start date etc and what information they have?? Thanks CB
  4. Thanks for that I have emailed a copy to the Dr and await his reply , unfortunatly I have never seen any documentation regarding this cover may be I should contact them and ask them to send me a copy ? Thanks CB
  5. Thanks Honey Bee am trying the medical letter route at the moment CB
  6. Has anyone any experience with Injury insurance please? I took out a policy in around 2005 to cover me in the case of an injury and I was unable to work as being self employed it seemed a good idea I found the company B&CE in a trade magazine and they were then advertising as a company that would pay out even for common injuries like a bad back I called the number and cover was arranged since that day I have never had any documentation from them ( I should have chased this bad I know:! The premiums were paid direct debit every month and I occasionally rang them to check I was still covered and that they were still trading !!! After a recent injury resulting in an operation I asked for a claim form etc and duly made a claim please see their reply letter attached my questions are how is someone with no medical experience be expected to be able to make a decision of the cover offered and if Ligament damage is better cover than Tendon cover, also with no documentation for over 8 yrs how was I supposed to know what I was covered for. Thanks CB
  7. :sad:Well at last a reply from RBS it still looks confusing as they wil lnot budge on the 8% Thanks CB
  8. Just looked at the account from 2005 until 2011 ant there are charges of £2k of referral charges is it still possible to claim these back please CB
  9. Lol its very sad but laughable at the same time how do they expect people to live ? Monday morning I will be on the phone again do you know a good recipe book for soil ???
  10. Well The County Council were very helpfull and checked the forms for me even suggested what I may be able to claim but it still is up to Dwp so I have been informed to day the amount I need to live on per week is £40.23 CB
  11. Thanks Both Yes it is in my Name Curly Bob TA/ __________________________? And Mortgage is in my name only CB
  12. Hi all a bit of advice please if anyone can help ? I have a Business overdraft with RBS for around £21.5 k I've had this account with them for around 17 years but the od has been at different amounts during this time I am about to change from a sole trader to ltd company on accountants advice ( nothing dodgy) just as a way of saving on a few bills etc we have decided to change banks in the next few weeks as the charges from RBS have crept up and up over the last few years and also I have no dedicated business manager due to cut backs it now takes around a week to get a telephone appointment with one !!! I should think that the RBS will want this od paying back when I close the account I know there daft but not that stupid the only other account that I have with RBS is my mortgage the question is : will they try and secure this debt by adding the od to my mortgage ?? as I have around £36k equity on the property ? also on looking back on the account from a sar I did a couple of years ago for another reason a lot of the od is interest and fee etc would it be worth trying to claim these back from them ? Many Thanks CB
  13. Thanks Idainfife Just checking as to what contributions I've paid and yes have got all docs from the DR Hi Maroondevo52 ( long time no speak ) hope your now well ? that's exactly what I Thought as had very little positive feedback from job centres etc Just by chance a customer told me to contact our local county council for advise they have a dept to help you fill in claims forms etc they have been fantastic made everything simple and they also check that you've filled in the forms correctly before they send them off to the relevant departments so fingers crossed I will update when I get to know more Cheers CB
  14. Hi all can someone give me a bit of advice as I've never done this before can I claim any sort of sickness benefit ? to cut a long story short I have been self employed for 17 yrs last year I damaged my shoulder at work I've had physiotherapy etc since the accident but this has made no difference I was told yesterday by a consultant that I now require an operation to correct the damage and will require to be off work for up to 6 months after the operation I believed I had insurance to cover however this may now not be the case ( policy wording changed apparently ) who would I contact for information on making a claim ? my ni payments are up to date , or do they not pay anything to self employed.? Thanks CB
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