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  1. Hi, sorry I went quiet on this - but I paniced and rang them (I know, but I was hoping that giving them an amount that I was willing to pay may appease them). It was refused, and they tried to demand over £400 a month for 6 months, which is not possible. Said I'd hear from the legal team who would make a decision whether or not to accept £100 a month, which I didn't, just a letter in today saying it was being passed on to solicitors as I had not come to any agreement. Still no word reference the CCA either, but I was late in doing this, I'll admit. It does annoy me though, as they would have had £100 by now if they had let me pay it, as I was willing to make a payment both to Tesco, and also to them when I called, but was refused both times for being 'too little'. Surely something is better than nothing? Or if this debt is passed on, will I find it easier to deal with a outside company? As Triton seem to be complete idiots? I am also amazed at the speed of this - I always assumed these things took time?
  2. Thanks everyone for the replies - hopefully I'll get my details, and my head straight - but I just feel so down about this.. I can't remember when I took out the card, but know it was quite a while back, shortly after Tesco brought out their finance arm of the business. I was a bit stupid when I was younger, and used money, particularly credit cards, as a way of trying to deal with my depression, and sometimes, even now, I feel like just hiding from things, but I am determined to get this sorted - I am just petrified that they'll demand this, and there is no way I can pay over £2k this month. First I heard from Triton was this letter saying that I would have to pay the full balance within something like 20 days, which got me panicing. From what I've read on this forum, my best step would be to proceed with the CCA thing, and take it from there?
  3. This is my first time on this forum, and I am a bit lost - so would be grateful if someone cal help me. I have a Tesco credit card, and after a period of illness, and being unable to work, I haven't always been able to make full payments. I had a text yesterday asking to call Triton Financial, which I haven't yet done - but when I called Tesco to make the payment that I was due, I was told they no longer had the debt and to contact Triton. I have since got a letter today demanding the £2k balance by the middle of this month. I am working again, but can't afford more than about £100 a month in repayments. I have did a search of this website, and they seem to be a nasty bunch, so where do I go from here?
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