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  1. Hi George Seems a bit dodgy to me you need more informtion.... Victoia.
  2. Good for you Goerge!! sometimes you get what you want even if it does take longer than you expected!! Victoria
  3. Hi George Don't give up!! hopefully you will hear from your Bank soon. Best of luck..... Victoria
  4. Hi George Banks do appear to have their own rules at times. I had this happen to me once, a transaction took me into a unauthrised overdraft, which I was charged for. Unbeknown to me at the time. I thought that if funds were not avaliable then the transaction would be decliend, apparently not. I have since contacted the bank and set up an overdraft. You sound as if you have a good case to get your charges refunded to you as you have written documentation stating your overdraft was being cancelled. Best of Luck! Victoria x
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