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  1. I did receive a letter about it - hence paid it but had it returned - I wasn't forwarded any further correspondance re this ticket. Therefore it is my fault. However thanks for the advice re the baliffs; if I give them a new address are they obliged to start back at stage one with the initial letter and letter charge?
  2. Hi, Wondered if anyone can help. I have an outstanding parking ticket which I forgot about until i received a letter about it in June of this year (i had since moved house). I paid the ticket fine (£45) but the payment was returned to me because it was being dealt with by the courts central accounting office. When you phone them you can't get any info re cases and I didn't receive another letter about it and so forgot about it. I've since moved again and have only just been forwarded some post. Philips Specialist Baliff and Debt Recovery Agents have written to me 3 times, none of the letters are dated and neither are the envelopes. The letter says that I owe them £320 and that they will come and remove my property etc etc. I called them first thing this morning (I received the letters last night) and explained I had only just recieved their post and explained why I was only just getting in touch. According to them the case is over 3 months old - it very possibly is but as I say the letters are not dated so I can't prove/contest this either way - and therefore I cannot agree a payment plan with them. The advise I need is a) Can I organise a repayment plan b) can I find out a breakdown of their charges? I am happy to pay, it's my fault but I can't afford to pay the amount in full in one go. If anyone could help me that would be great. Thanks
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