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  1. Yes, I received vat receipt via email. All monies were paid via bank transfer.
  2. Good morning all, I recently hired a Motorhome from a local one man/one van company. Period of hire was 5 days at a cost of £460 + £750 deposit (unlimited mileage). I collected motorhome on a narrow street and did a quick check for damage (owner and myself did a quick look round) but nothing was signed, upon collection Motorhome had just under a quarter tank of fuel. On the second day of the hire Motorhome died on the side of the motorway (after approx 200 miles). Cause of failure was faulty turbo which caused Diesel run on which terrified both me and my daughter.
  3. From Here http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/employment-problems/111837-query-about-salary-overpayment.html It is wholly illegal for your employer to make any deduction from your wages which is not either required by law or has been agreed by you. So, income tax deductions and national insurance contributions can (and indeed must) be deducted from your wages before you are paid. These are statutory deductions. Deductions ordered by a court, such as maintenance payments or payments for a fine are also legitimate. Where employers pay a hefty sum of money for training, many
  4. Just a though but when I was under the impression that a company could not just take the money from you. Any repayment plan MUST be with your agreement. Ergo if you will only agree to pay back £5 a month there is little they can do. They cannot force you to repay this money on anything other than your terms. it would however be career sucide to antagonise them too much.
  5. Has anyone helped with this yet as i have much the same problem with Swinton at the moment. they are attempting to charge me a £45 cancellation charge on 2 policys (home/car). never signed a thing!!! Surely its an unfair term?
  6. Briefly doc gave me strong tablets at maximum allowed dose (so strong in fact i had to take pills hour before to prep my stomach for pills so they caused no harm!!). The dose was 2 twice a day, chemist put 2 four times a day on botle and i have been taking em like that all week. When I went to docs friday he told me off and explained chemist had messed up, went to chemist and they found origional prescription which clearly showed 2 X 2 a day. Chemist then got me in his consulting room and told me that it was nothing to worry about, the doc was ill informed in his opinion this could cause
  7. Not much we can all do really. OFT say they will try and get the guts of this sorted ASAP "The OFT considers that a quick determination of this point of principle will assist in securing a clear orderly resolution of the fairness of these charges." No bank in its right mind is going to put up with any court action now as they will just apply for a stay automatically. Any court will grant a stay automatically. I dont think it matters which bank or what types of charges are being claimed the pending precedent will apply for all financial institutions. I do not think the
  8. Pen, Apologies, thread was so hijacked I misread auther. With regards to your husbands problem I would like to suggest the following. The Statute of Limitation DOES apply. The Department of Work & Pensions (DWP) has 6 years to take action through the courts to recover benefit overpayments and social fund loans. This time starts running from the date of the final decision made on the overpayment and from when the social fund loan was due to be paid. But the DWP are still allowed to make deductions from your benefit for a debt over 6 years old as they don’t need to go to court to
  9. I have succesfully fought and beaten Legal & Trade on court and would usually be willing to offer advice. However i have seldom heard such blinkered one sided vitriol as yours. Your son is not a saint and will not take responsibility for his actions until you step down and let him.
  10. Just going through my statements on my natwest business account. Which of the folowing charges can i claim? Excess borrowing charge. (e.g. excess borrowing 46 days @ 3.50 = 161.00. Paid Referral Fee. Arrangement Fee. Chq Return Fee. Stop CHQ Fee. many Thanks
  11. Thank you for everones support. The claim was going back over 6 years, I did receive all my charges within the six plus 8% plus court costs. The CI element and the over 6 years was what i was going for and this was denenied by the judge. Such is life. But on the bright side this case is not precedent setting and I still got back all my charges so things are not too bad.
  12. Unforunately I cannot. have posted them before but they were edited due to the content containing some elements certain peeps wanted to remain private. I can PM to u if u like
  13. judgement in full xxxxxxxxx v HALIFAX PLC JUDGMENT 1. Mr xxx claims against his bank, Halifax plc, a repayment of bank charges debited from his account over the period 30 December 1995to 16 March 2004. Mr xxx issued his claim on 2 August 2006. Halifax have, without any admission of liability, repaid to Mr xxx the charges levied since 2 August 2000, together with interest calculated at 8% per annum. This application concerns Mr xxx claim for the repayment of charges prior to 2 August 2000. Halifax have applied to strike out that claim on the grounds that it is time-barred under the pr
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