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  1. Baby milk and formula is alot lot different to casual adult food. the baby has drank a carton. baby products are meant to be taken off the shelf many days before expiring, even staff employees at Asda told us so. just seems funny how threatening legal action makes them want to know??
  2. im sorry i cant mate i tryed to send you a pm just a sec ago but cant because4 of how low my posts are :/.. if you could get back to me that would be amazing thanks
  3. heyy all.. ermm me and my partner went for a quick shop at an Asda yesterday day time to buy ready made baby formula in the cartons. we bought a six pack and 2 singles. got them home ready to make the daughter a bottle, poured one into her bottle to find the Off smell and that the 2 single cartons were nearly 2 months out of date. My daughter is only 8 weeks old, doesnt weigh much either as she was 6 weeks premature and hasn't been out of hospital for long. We were given lousy gift vouchers and two new cartons of formula (indate this time) to shut us up. The member of staff on stocking th
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