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  1. Well I called up IRCAS and when a member of staff phoned me back he told me that I could reappeal the same way I appealed the first time. So I think I'll try that first as I have till the 29th to pay off the PF. I'm unsure why he couldn't handle the appeal though since he heard my story and thought it would be odd that I was sold a TravelCard which would have been invalid. I'll mention the argument again and see what the outcome is.
  2. I got my reply back and the appeal wasn't successful under the condition that "purchase and/or renewal of a valid ticket or authority to travel from the facilities available had not been made before travelling or when changing trains." "As detailed in the National Rail Conditions of Carriage it is the responsibility of the rail user to purchase a valid ticket or other authority to travel before boarding the train." But why would I renew it if I had been told specifically by a member of staff than this was a valid ticket that would take me to my destination? It's not like I asked for a travel card. I asked for a return ticket but he said a travel card does the same job. Guess you can't trust people who you think you could. ****ed off that I still have to pay £20r.
  3. Right so I guess I have to wait for a reply to my e-mail and see where to go from there then. Thanks guys
  4. I've sent off the appeal last week on Friday but I still haven't heard anything back from them...(as in that they've received the appeal) Should I send in another appeal or try to contact them somehow?
  5. The guy sold me a travel card from East Grinstead and Zones 1-6 so yes he did infact sell me a ticket which wasn't going to be fully used. I can't post images or links due to a low post count
  6. Hey guys, Thanks for all your replies. Was very helpful. I'll be writing up my letter of appeal soon as I get home from work. I travelled from East Grinstead which is a fair way from Staines. Hence the cost of my ticket. I'll let you know how the appeal goes. Cheers! Amy
  7. I went to Thorpe Park yesterday but on my journey to the train station I was late and as soon as I arrived at the station I literally had to jump on the train as it was about to leave. (I even lost my scarf which one of the staff on the platform kindly ran to the train and handed it over to the conductor for me.) On the train I approached the conductor and asked for a return ticket to Staines. After notifying me it was £15.90 for the fare I started to collect the correct amount from my purse. Halfway doing so he then tells me that a Travelcard is cheaper and would also take me to Staines as well. (We had a little chat about travelcards, offer wise, so he should actually remember me...) Surprised about this new knowledge I went ahead and bought a Day travelcard for the cost of £15.70 (Not much difference I'd say but to a student a little goes a long way.) Upon arriving at Staines, I wasn't able to get out of the barrier and the staff at the ticket barrier tells me that my ticket isn't valid here and just sends me to her colleague without explaining why. It was there and then I was issued a penalty fine for travelling beyond validity. Even when I explained the situation to the member of staff he just kept asking for details ignoring a word I was saying and wanted me to cough up £20 on the spot. I asked about appealing and got the answer, "what appeal?" I was so annoyed. Anyway, I ended up giving details and not paying. This was when I was told after being repeatedly asked the same questions that I was to pay the money at xxx location or appeal at the Ircas website. (So what was all the, "oh you can't appeal" from before?) I was also notified to buy a Single ticket from Staines to Feltham on the way home else I will be fined again. I'm writing here to ask the community on how I should write the appeal letter and actually be able to claim back my Single train ticket fare of £2.80 and also to not pay the penalty fare due to their staff misleading me that a travelcard covered the area to Staines. If I had knew it wasn't in the catchment area I would have paid the extra 20-30 pence for a return ticket (It was £16 when I checked online), instead of paying an absurd amount of £22.80 extra for a day out to Thorpe Park. I have taken photos of my train tickets and also the ends of the tickets where it shows the difference between one bought from a conductor (ripped edges) and another from a machine (straight clean cut). Thank You. Amy
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