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  1. I was wrongly accused today. I refused to go with security and told them to search my bags/ purse there and then. I then was walking away fuming and the security almost grabbed me when his colleague came and stopped him. I was then led to a room. Refused to say anything without a manager who came. They insisted I had taken a number of items and oaid for some. I showed them the receipts and what was in my possession. I complained about the fear the security gave me when he was so close to grabbing me and he admitted he was going to as I refused to go with him and admitted he stopped as his colleague turned up. I reiterated what he said and he then kept saying, ' I didn't grab you . I've be trained not to. You could sue me for assualt and I am trained'. I have been given a banning order from the whole mall yet I was/ am innocent. I had a bad experience last year which this forum helpped me with and am so careful that I never 'forget'- and I have health issues regarding this. The other security who escorted me from the mall told me he would not have banned me. It seems the banning has occurred because of the complaint I made. The manager never stayed around. When they asked for my name and address I made it up..... I did not want RLP letters. Can I sue for the treatment, esp as I did not give details?
  2. hi, I got a letter too and they want all bank/ investment statements from my claim. I saw them 2 years ago as I was doing mystery shopping and they queried- it was within the £20 a week but I was paid monthly. I never heard back but they did suspend benefits and then I got them reinstated a few weeks later. Is is standard for them to ask for ALL statements? I got a back payment of housing benefit £7k and used that to pay a credit card off the day it was cleared. i have £4k in my childs acount- csa money goes there and it is used for child only. I am worried as the last time they did stop and I hd a battle getting it reinstated.
  3. Thank you. I just anted to run it buy the experienced people on this board. If I felt I owed anything I would admit it- I pay my bills so am going with what you say... Keep ignoring them. Will keep you posted. Will this caused me to get a CCJ?
  4. Today I received another letter asking for a higher amount- interest increased. Do I ignore every letter? The letter stated the next will be at court- how long do they continue and is ignoring still the best ay?
  5. ell, today I got another call stating the write off was rejected because I refused delivery twice. I then queried stating it as never delivered and it has now come to light that they tried to deliver it to my old address which I moved from July of last year. I have not been given a write off code.... it has taken a very long time but hopefully this is the end on this one problem of mine... Now to appeal my DLA rejection.... Thank you everyone for your help.
  6. Thank yu Ed999. I am an upfront person and have had my own fingers burnt but believe I owe nothing so I will take the advice from this forum and file the letters and hopefully they will go away. This forum is being a great help in hopefully me getting jusice and also moving forward in life and I would lik to thank everyone wh has taken the time to advice me in their selfless manner. People like yourselves are lacking in my life and I do ish you were all closer to home.
  7. Hi , I went into store and they said after they spoke to the write off team it looked like I always refused delivery- I then was put through to investigations who then traced the calls on the log that had gone astray. It was through again as a write off and refused. Store could not do anything. I was told by the team who requested the write off the last time to stick to my guns as too much had gone wrong- the biggest mistake was pc world attempting to repair the mac when they were not allowed to. Also, the first write off was requested and then equinox who had the laptop repaired it 8 days later which is wrong. Equinox (repair people) have lost the contract this week so there must be an issue with their service.... I was supposed to get a call last Wednesday but didn't... I will chase up on Tuesday and let you know.
  8. Many thanks for your reply. I have no idea if the debt recovery will persue and will obviously update on this forum. Should I ignore the letter? I have received nothing else and even have a reference stating that 'rent as paid in a timely manner'; the lease was renewed when it was passed from landlord to agent; housing benefit was paid directly to the owner and I was told not to pay the shortfall as I never had use of one bedroom which had damp in and to compensate for the damage the rats had dne to my personal property. Unfortunately this was said by the agent and nothing was in writing.
  9. They did ask for my forwarding address when I moved out but I told them that as all bills ere paid up and mail was redirected I would not- after the accusation of me having taken furniture- which I did not as it was rnted fully unfurnished. I find the scenario absurd that the lease was renewed with the lettings agent if I was in arrears. Can I confirm that if the second lease was written between the letting agent and me it is still the owner that has to sue me? (I thought the letting agent acted on behalf of the owner of the rented property.) Thank you- I will not reply and hopefully they will go away.
  10. The last email I received from the agent was one claiming I had taken furniture- I rented the place fully unfurnished- even the white goods were mine! I told them I was appalled at the accusation and not to contact me again as all bills had been paid. Should I write to them? Why was the debt from an employee of the agency and not from the estate agent or even the owner of the property? Thank you for helping.
  11. Hello, I have had a leeter in today asking for a large sum- 1000's from First Debt Recovery. It is from someone who works for an estate agent I was renting from and not the estate agent themselves. I rented privately from a landlord from Oct 07- March 2010, when the estate agent took over from the landlord. In fact they took over July 2009 but did not ask me to sign any lease. The rent was housing benefit and was paid directly to the landlord. When the new lease was signed I was told to continue for housing benefit to pay as normal. Whle I lived there there were so many problems. I lived by a railway and when there were raodworks rats came under the floorboards and I had to get pest control involved in removing them. There was damp in one room and the owner of the estate agency told me not to pay he shortfall of rent as I never did have use of one bedroom. This was all verbal but no-one ever chased me for rent. I was told in May 2010 that the landlord was selling and was given a reference stating- 'rent was paid in a timely manner'. I found somewhere else to live -july 10 and this letter has come out of the blue. Why would the owner allow me to stay for so long if I owed money? Why did the estate agent give me a decent reference? Why do I now have this 'intention to commence county court action'? Why did the estate agent tell me there was so much damage- childs room- damp ruined tv etc, rats chewed thrugh cables etc- in fact I was given a replacememt freezer as it was unfurnished and I was told my items would be replaced bit by bit- they were not save one. The health visitor phoned the estate agent and said it was unfit and needed new carpets etc and it was after that phonecall I got the notice. How do I reply? Obviously there is a counterclaim but I can not understand the reference and asking me to leave due to the sale and not arrears? Why is there no breakdown and this the first I have heard- they have my email address. I have been given 48 hours to reply so any advice would be appreciated.
  12. You are a diamond. I am going to a store tomorrow- hopefully- and will hopefully come out with a new mac.. I phoned last night and was told as the 'investigation team were off nothing could be done'. No'one wants to resolvethis and I am sickof the runaround. Even the guy, Steven Nais who was very pleasant did not call back despite me leaving 2 messages last Monday..... Maybe they don't know where it is and are trying to locate it otherwise they surely would have returned it by now if they are avoiding a write off.
  13. OK, so who can get the voucher- or new laptop as the write off team have refused twice? A macbook is not cheap so what do you think can be done apart from me getting the old one back. I appreciate you trying to help.
  14. Should I wait until next week or do the write off team work weekends/ late evening? They claim they tried to deiver the mac around 20th and I refused it- I was not in and no attempt has even been made by them to get it to me even after they insist it is not written off..... Also, I have a vaio desktop under their insurance. I know they are hard to repair but was wondering if you know of where I can get it repaired if ever needed? This is such a bad experience but I do need somewhere just incase.... xxx
  15. Many thanks. I will see if they are open from 5pm and go tomorrow, failing that, Sunday. I thought it was only the write off team who could authorise the voucher and they have rejected it twice? hat do I say? I do have contacts in the Express but I was thinking of asking the Mail to help if it doesn't get resolved. I cancelled the insurance debit yesterday- should I put it back on?
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