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  1. Erika that's priceless.


    I did say to the compliance officer who called today 'I don't get many men callers so it will give the neighbours something to talk about'. This was before he'd told me about the allegation.


    I will just carry on as normal and as you say the person who has reported me will never know if anything ever happened.


    It was five weeks from the initial anonymous allegation and the date of the visit. Pretty quick really.


    The compliance officer said some of the anonymous reports are made about people who don't even claim benefits.:roll:


    My neighbours don't know about me. I could have divorced well. :-D

  2. Please stop worrying.... No they cannot force you to sell your home.




    Compliance visits are sometimes linked to unsubstantiated anonymous reports, yes.... but where the evidence they've been given is not enough to pass over to the Fraud Dept. So if anyone has tried to drop you in it so to speak, they've been too vague for DWP to do anything with the info. and are coming out to see you instead. DWP have to do this whenever a report is received... whether it's true or malicious.... and they are very used to malicious reporting.




    Just had my visit and it turns out to be 'someone had made an accusation' and they are obliged to check it out. So we just went through the allegation and how unsubstantiated it was, I signed the bottom of the form and that is it. They said the case ends here and to continue as I am.


    I would love to say something to the neighbour but as they don't know anything about my financial affairs, I won't give them the satisfaction in enlightening them of the visit and obviously my source of my income. Data protection doesn't allow them to call DWP and ask if anything has been done so my lips too are sealed.


    Thank you for all the support here Now I can sleep soundly in my bed tonight without a care in the world, well not without a care, there is always something to cause a little concern. :wink:

  3. I think they will visit, confirm their identity, check your claim with you and then if they have any questions to ask you they will.


    I would answer their questions when asked just as clearly and concisely as you can, they will not try to make you waffle, you have nothing to hide so dont be afraid to answer.

    Let them ask their questions, They will compile a statement, this briefly states your name, address NINO etc, and they will write down in it any changes that you may declare, eg you son has left home. They will ask you to sign it at the end.


    Then I would ask your questions if any. They are there to see you not your house ;)


    I have read through all the posts again. I am as prepared as I can be till they tell me the nature of their visit.


    Any more help is very welcome.

  4. They overpaid me child tax credits which I pay back each month for twelve months. Their mistake just sent a letter and a payment plan. No problems there.


    I don't have many visitors to my home and that makes me anxious. It's my space and the only thing I saved from my marriage, the family home. It's where I feel safe and I don't like the idea of a stranger coming into my home and maybe wanting to look round. I feel vulnerable.


    This worrying me as I don't know why they are coming. All sorts is going through my head.

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind words. It's hard not to worry. I suppose I've lost confidence since my divorce although that was many years ago.

    They should be aware my son it at university. Tax credits and child benefit stopped a few years ago and he has the Council Tax exemption certificate from the University. (I'll get that out to show them). I never actually contacted them directly at the time.

    I don't know anything about DLA.

    Unfortunately I will be on my own.


    A feeling slightly better Matchgirl.

  6. Here's the first thing to remember: if they really thought you were up to something, fraud or whatever, there is a separate Fraud section that would be investigating. The most common reason for this type of compliance visit is that they have received a tipoff and they don't really think there's any problem. It's just that they have to look into it.




    Is this visit more likely to be because someone has said something rather than just a random check up?

  7. I've heard that they look for a regular pattern to overnight visits, evidence of financial support and so on. If a new boyfriend has his own address however, then it's very hard to prove and they know that.


    I know exactly what you mean about man-stress Hun.. I've been single for a long time... :-)




    I've never had anybody stay over, however I do spend nights away from home, go shopping with men fiends and had some dodgy dates.

  8. It makes you wonder how a single person can start a new relationship and take things slowly before the DWP decide you are a fully committed couple and your benefits become affected. I suppose it depends on how they class you as being a couple in a relationship


    I'm happily single. I have a good circle of friends both married and single. I get invited out to dinners, drinks and parties. I don't need the stress of a man about the house.

  9. It depends on what the 'complaint' was. As they were looking to see if some-one was living with me they asked to look around and were looking for 'mens' things- there was absolutely nothing. If you have nothing to hide don't worry. If you have done some-thing plead innocent. i hope it all goes well. There are very few nice people left in this world. x


    The main bathroom has my son's bits and bobs in but he is away at university but I don't move his bits out. I have an ensuite and this is just for me.


    I'm really struggling to hold myself together. I just want to sit and cry.

  10. Just had one a letter about a home visit. What can I expect? Why do they call?


    I'm on IB and IS and I have never had a visit before.


    I have upset a neighbour recently although not by personal confrontation, so I wonder if this is something to do with them?


    I don't have anyone stay over and never have since I divorced. There are men in my circle of friends that help me with odd jobs and trips out, but that has always happened. I sometimes stay away from home but I'm sure that's allowed.


    I can't think what I have done wrong. I'm finding this quite upsetting and I don't know where to turn. My heads in a spin.

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