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  1. At a guess id say yeah would ave to check for certain tho Iwas told the amount was the differnce between what i had paid and the half way stage
  2. Ford It was handed back before more than half was paid thats why the amount is higher
  3. So if after 2 weeks iv not heard from them. wot is my next step
  4. ok thanks, how long would i wait, before i contact them again wot is the is the lawfull time limit? Why you so suprised at the amount
  5. Hello all, New to this so ill try my best 1. I returned hp vehicle to hp company 2.£4000 shortfall passed onto link financial for collection 3.I agreed to pay x amount per mounth untill settled 4. i live in scotland Can i request a cca from link and if so do i? 1. keep paying until i hear from them 2. stop paying thank you
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