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  1. Thanks for the link ,ill read tru till i understand it all
  2. Can anyone advice please I cca requested my 3 creditors one sent back no reply(credit card taken out over 10 years ago) one sent back what they is a photo copy my signtuare appears twice one for the agrement and one to say iv seen a copy of there terms it is not signed by any one else(hp taken out 2.5 years ago) The other sent a letter saying they were trying to locate the original, sent some form of agrement nothing signed or dated and stated they would not enter into any further dialoge regarding cca question Have they defaulted Do i have to inform them of there default in writing
  3. They also state that it is fully enforcable and that they have satisfied the there obligations under section 78 is this a bluff?
  4. Silly Girl, Thank you, is ther another letter i have to send them?
  5. After sending a cca request to my credit card company on the 11/11/10 today i get a letter saying, they cannot at the moment find a true singed copy of the aggrement but sent a reconstituted version which has 4 pages all double sided no dates ,not signed and they state thats all they have to do and they will not enter into any futher correspondence regarding the provisions of copy of agreements. i cannot post the copy up. Any advice on the next step welcomed
  6. If one judge enforces with a application form i would think any one referring to case law would win the same argument The checky sod, going on about morales all you wanted was to stick to what you agreed under your cca. And these leech dca companys could not get any lower in the morale stakes they buy debt, other peoples misery and make a profit from it. Easy pickings we are.
  7. Good profit for them then I just read on nother thread that a judge will still enforce a cca with signature on application form just curios is this correct
  8. Sorry for butting in and to hear your case did not go as planned. So im guessing across the board that they dont need an orginal cca and only an application form
  9. Ok thanks for your help Is there a way i can find out how much they bought the debt for?
  10. Wot would i be looking for in the cca or the sar, i mean if the aggrement has been terminated is ther stil anything i can do
  11. Is ther any point requesting a cca if the orginal agreement has been terminated( i mean i did a vt)
  12. ok, thanks ill update when availale cheers
  13. Found the template thanks Just to be sure is the cca law the same for scotland as anywhere else i.e. does the letter have to be adjusted because i live in scotland. Also is there a chance the dca might demand full payment then move quickly for a court order for 1. just because iv rattled their cage or 2.They have the required doc
  14. Thanks guys There are no other charges to reclaim so is just a case of sending in a cca request and keep paying the agreed amount id be grateful if someone could write up a sample letter Cheers for answears
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