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  1. Hi Everyone, Living in Solihull, I was quite shocked to receive a PCN from Islington for an offence that I didn't commit. The offence involved a vehicle turning left into a 'No Left Turn' road. Now the offence has been caught by camera and on close inspection, the registration number of the vehicle resembles mine but differs by 1 letter! that letter happens to be a the letter 'H'. The camera or the idiot reading the picture has put the letter 'H' down as an 'M' and so this automatically brings my vehicle particulars on the database. The offender is persistent and has been committing this offence since last December and I have disputed the contravention seven times now. Each time I call, Islington input the registration on the contravention and realise that the vehicle does not match the registration number. I have successfully had all the PCNs cancelled so far, but frankly whenever I try to get the situation resolved from the root cause, Islington council don't have a clue. I just want them to read his registration number correctly so i can stop receiving someone else's PCNs. I have just received another one today! I have in the past escalated this to the complaints department and the only closure that I got was that the previous PCNs have all been cancelled. Is there anything I can do to bring an end to this? Any help would be appreciated. Regards Essexzed
  2. I have downloaded the SAR but i need to know two things: 1) Should the complaint be made once the documents have been received or can the complaint be made immediately pending receipt of the paperwork? 2) The SAR mentions Post 3 but i cannot find this. what will i need to add to the SAR in order to tailor it for this particular case?
  3. Hi, Thanks for your prompt response. Yes, the previous rate was fixed and the bank is Halifax.
  4. Hi there, My Brother In Law has just discovered that his bank had fixed his Mortgage for 5 years at 3.89% without his consent. He has demanded to see the signed document the bank could not produce the signed contract he has been into branch and seen on the computer also that the contract is not signed in the signature box. What should he do in this situation? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  5. Yes, exactly that is my old Mint card. You managed to track it down, nice one. Its not been quite six years yet and I didn't need this to bite me in the proverbial at this time. Still, I am always positive about these things and hope for the best.
  6. Hi There, I too had exactly the same. I stopped paying for old CC with RBS back in Oct.2010 due to an unenforceable debt. I also did an SAR at the time and stopped paying. It was never followed up by RBS two days ago i got a letter from Cabot financial with my reference number and amount of debt. I did nothing, but they called me today and I advised them that i am dealing with stepchange due to not working. Did i do the right thing?
  7. Yes, i did. on 30th June 2014, I wrote a letter to PE specifically outlining the fact that i was not driving at the time and then provided details of my wife confirming that she was driving at the time. Both myself and my Wife had heard nothing until I received this letter from DRP. Safe to ignore? or should i reply with something?
  8. Hi There everyone, Well, i thought the saga was dead and buried after writing my previous letter to PE. i got this in the post even though i informed PE that i was not driving the vehicle at the time. What do you think i should i do? Thanks as always.
  9. Thanks a bunch, just wrote to PE informing them the same. Will keep you updated.
  10. Hi Armadillo thanks for your speedy response. Since DRP are now dealing with it, do I still need to tell PE that I was not the driver or shall I tell DRP? Regards
  11. Hi There, I know it doesn't seem to make sense. But the line of work I am in means that sometimes I have no work and at present its sporadic to say the least. I'm a handyman and was not working at the time of the ticket and I then had a small contract which kept me busy for a couple of weeks which has now ended. hope to get more work soon. Now, in response to post 7, I managed to dig up this info: the first notice was issued on the 10th January 2014. This notice indicated that the parking violation took place on 3rd January 2014. the car was parked at 16:02 and departed at 16:24 This notice indicates the location of the ticket as Loxford Polyclinic and it shows pictures of the rear of my car with the licence plate clearly visible. The notice gives 28 days to pay £100 or the reduced amount of £60 can be paid if paid by 24th January 2014. Although there was signage, my wife states it was not clear, but she acknowledges seeing the signage but she was not aware that she needed to register the vehicle with reception. The next demand was issued on 13th February 2014 and this was demanding £100. The car is registered to me or rather was, as I have since sold the car. What should be the next course of action? Thanks a million.
  12. I made a complete hash. I got busy with work and forgot to respond to drp. they have now sent another letter. It is headed letter before referral for legal action and they are demanding £150 within 7 days otherwise they will recommend parking eye to refer my case to their solicitor. What is the best thing to do in this situation? I'd rather not pay it because I am not working at present. Thanks.
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