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  1. Thank you for your quick response, it was much appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the info on section 75.....but I would also like to know: 1) where do I stand legally if I dont make payments for the previous work - can he take me to court / does he have a case? 2) can garage use my credit card details (from the recent ordered ) to pay for the previous work without my consent? Thanks again
  3. Help needed on this worrying problem.... About 4 years ago I took my car into a garage for repairs, and owner quoted me just over a month to complete the work, however the owner dragged his heels and cut a frustratingly long & painful story short it was 1 YEAR before I got the car back! I paid part of the bill as the work was being carried out but because it took them so long to finish the work I told the owner I was not willing to pay the remainder when he delivered the car back - and he has not chased me for the money. Now 4 years later I purchased some parts from the same owner over the phone with my credit card (I know, stupid me), but he has decided not to post the parts to me saying I owed him for the previous work. My question is where do I stand legally on this matter? 1) not paying in full for work 4 years ago, and not willing to pay now. 2) garage refusing to send my parts until i pay for the previous work. 3) if garage used my credit card details (after my recent ordered ) to pay for the previous work without my consent. Thanks for you help in advance.
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