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  1. Hi, Just recieved a reply from Welcome Finance for the letter of complaint I sent requesting explanations for the letters that they sent with the SAR response which were not signed, had no date, no letterhead and had my partial and incorrect address. They have wrote that I requested "Information" for which I need to pay a £1.00 statutory fee (for a credit agreement and statement per account). Enclosed in the same envelope they another letter (signed by the same person but no name) saying that they were unable to verify my I.D for which they need proof (passport copy etc). It t
  2. kmiah786

    CIFAS Marker

    I am on the voters list and I have 1 default which goes away this year. But my husband has 3 defaults, 2 ccj and numerous accounts in arrears but still he gets the same account. Anyway to remove the CIFAS marker before the 1 year period?
  3. kmiah786

    CIFAS Marker

    What I find weird is that I get refused the most basic bank account even though I have a credit car & home shopping catalogue under my name and also my credit score is much better than my partners. My partner's score: 148 My Score: 560 Recently I opened a halifax easy cash account online, I was issued with a card, internet banking etc but shortly after I was told to destroy the card as my account has been closed. I went into branch to open a basic card account, even that has been refused. Any ideas as to why this is happening or what I can do to find out?
  4. kmiah786

    CIFAS Marker

    Hi DX, I did not report this to anyone. The account appeared on my credit file which I disputed. After which experian said I was a victim of fraud and this marker appeared.
  5. kmiah786

    CIFAS Marker

    Hi, Few months ago I was a victim of fraud, nothing was taken but a fake application was made to Vanquis for a credit card. Now I have a CIFAS marker: Type: ID Fraud (pers credit card) Please can someone let me know how I can get this removed
  6. Hi, I have checked with the registry and a CCJ does exist. If I apply for the CCJ to be removed to the court what are the chances that it will be removed and can Welcome issue another CCJ?
  7. Thanks to everyone for your responses. In the SAR response there was not a single document in relation to any court proceedings or reminder of payment what-so-ever. I have sent them another letter mentioning all this and as to why the letters are not signed, no letterhead, incorrect dates on the letters etc. They responded back saying they are investigating my complaint. Any advice on how I can progress this further would be very much appreciated.
  8. Hi everyone, I made a SAR request to welcome finance for the CCJ they placed on my credit file. The documents they sent me: 1) Default Notice - Had incorrect address, not signed and dated 23/Nov/2010 2) Letter with the default notice with same mistakes The confusion is this: My CCJ Judgement date is 11/May/2009 now what I do not understand is if they served me with a default notice in 2010 then how did they place a CCJ in 2009? Why is not any of the default letters signed? How comes there is no prior warning letters saying that they were issuing court proceed
  9. Hello everyone, I would be very grateful for a answer to my query. I had a current account with RBS in which there was no overdraft or credit facilities. There where some bounced direct debits for which they applied charges etc and bought the balance to over £400. For the above they have placed a default on my credit file. Can please someone advice me if they are allowed to do this, are the charges legal or can I fight this to get it removed.
  10. Hi, I had a account with RBS with NO overdraft facilities but it seems that they have charged me for returned cheques ( i think £76 per 2 cheques), paid out some direct debits even though there was no money in the account and without a overdraft arrangment. All this lead to a total debt of £493. They also charged me £30 default notice fee They have closed my account without letting me know and have defaulted me. Another thing, the statement also shows the following: (Date) 29/09/2009 - (Details) Transfer FROM SUSPENSE (paid in) 2.43 (Balance) £493.0
  11. Hi everyone, Since 2010 I have been in dispute with T-Mobile in regards to a default they placed on my file. SAR was made where they have failed to provide documents in relation to the account requesting more information as they cannot located details in relation to 1 one. The details was supplied in 2012 but they never responded. They responded just recently in August 2013 speciffly stating " Thank you for your letter dated **/**/2011". In the letter they were advising me to make another SAR with the fee. When I wrote back and told them that this has already been done t
  12. No I did not send a SAR. Shall I send one?
  13. Another thing, they say that the debt was for over £400 but on my credit file it says £303. This is the email I received from BT: I've checked your details with the address you've kindly provided. I see you had account with us for the address quoted, we sent a final bill dated 28 January 2010 which came to £428.66. We asked for payment to be made by the 4 February 2010, after reminders were sent no payment was made and this account was passed to a collection agency.
  14. Hi, The default was placed by BT in 2009. Today I received an email from BT (after I made a complaint) stating that they sent me reminders for this debt in February 2010 after which the debt was passed onto a DCA. Default placed in 2009 and debt passed to DCA in 2010? I dont understand, please someone explain, is that possible?
  15. So can I challenge the Default Notice and the penalty charges? If so what route shall I take?
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