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  1. Please help if you can...Yorkshire Bank have issued repossesion of my semi commercial property, court date 15th Dec 2010 I owe £4000 in mortgage arrears after the tennants who least my property went bankrupt leaving without paying rent for 8 months... I called the bank loads of times for help and even wrote asking for help such as a mortgage holiday or moving to interest only payments, all fallen on deaf ears...the bank will simply not help.. I hav moved back into the property and pay the mortgage every month but their is a £400 shortfall as the small commercial part of the property is not yet let. I have over hundred thousand pounds in equity in the property. I'm so frightened I will loose my home. I need to know how I stand legally in court with a semi commercial mortgage..? Four fifths of the property is residential with only a very small commercial part which has in fact been empty for 10 months.. Do I have the same protection in law as someone with a full residential property? If anyone has a questions please ask.... Thankyou in anticipation
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