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  1. As yet we have had nothing in writing from the management company, all we know is what we have been told by our landlady that it was in the minutes of one of the management company's meetings. So if or when we get a letter will post exactly what it says. But thank you for your help so far.
  2. It states in the tennancy agreement that we need written confirmation that we can have a pet in the flat, and we have a few emails between us and the landlady mentioning the cat.
  3. Hi, myself and my partner have just moved into a new flat and have been told by the landlady on the day we got the keys that there is a new rule regarding pets from the management company that tennants are not allowed to keep any pets but owners who live in the block are! We have been totally honest with our landlady about having a cat, and have told her from the very first viewing we had a cat, and she told us that this wouldn't be an issue as the previous tennants had two cats. We are now worried that we might have to move again, my partner is 6 and a half months pregnant and we moved now be
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