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  1. Hi all, I have been awarded my costs against my elderly neighbours who issued an Injuction for my alledged harrassment towards them.

    There was none and the court found the same to be true. It was all lies made up by them and it was they who were harrassing us. The real dispute was over a boundary and nothing to do with harrassment. The Judge however, then included Mediation over this boundary as part of the Order. This will add another £1k plus to our bill and a further £3k+ if we involve our solicitor.

    The basic cost of this action so far is approx £6000 without the above £4k+ included and our solicitor says that we shoulc expect only around 60% of our costs to be payable by them. The judge also told them that, (when our costs were estimated at approx £4k) as the costs were less than £5k then interest would not be payable and that they should only pay what they could afford monthly say £5-£10.00 !!

    How can this be right.

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