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  1. Ive just had this txt on my mobile ( Orange Network )
  2. Lavora has been 'taken over' by Answerit - be warned Answerit have done exactly the same as Lavora taken money without consent, been constantly ringing, refuse to give the name and contact details for their CEO. Looks to me like there's no change at all. I suppose with all the complaints that Lavora had there was little chance of fleecing their customers bank accounts with that company name. Only this time they claimed to be part of Google at the start then later I was contacted by a woman claiming to be from facebook who later turned out to be from Answerit accounts dept. Robotic pirates comes to mind when dealing with companies that will destroy what others have worked for and do not understand basic sentences like " I never asked for this" A very pleasant company when they say they are from Google or Facebook but when the cat gets out of the bag very aggressive and unpleasant . This morning they have called me saying that I'm twisted . Coincidentally just after visiting my bank to stop them taking more money . Anyone who may know the CEOs name etc. please get in touch or anyone who has had the same experience to get together to resolve these issues likewise. Thanks
  3. Also I wanted to email their CEO re this matter but cannot find his ( John Radford I think ) email address. Maybe thats a good indicator of whether the company CEO wants to stay informed about whats happening at ground level.
  4. Are we all paying in advance If so why I have paid most of my bill but am receiving a steady strem of threatening letters from debt collectors even though the billing period is up to spring 2011. Proportionately I have paid up to date. Surely all those threatening letters cost money - maybe they pay for them with the interest made from having our money before I've had the services which I'm paying for. Also it is very difficult to pay them as most Post Offices either dont accept money for United Utilities or charge for doing so. Why is this ?
  5. Re One Call. How do we get a letter of proof of no Claims when the previous insurer ( Sheilas Wheels in my case ) doesnt send it ? I would have thought that they could all access this information anyway. Thanks
  6. Don't be fooled . They appeared to be good initially - good price pleasant to communicate with. Then 12 months down the line very different. I sent them my Drivers Licence as requested by them (I dont know why they wanted it as I've never had to produce my Drivers licence before for ins purposes ) then they wrote saying I hadnt sent it after Id posted it , I assumed they'd not processed it yet. I had also explained in a note with my DL that Sheilas Wheels hadnt sent my proof of no claims (9 yrs no claims) Then I receive a letter saying that they have reduced my discount as they havent had my driving licence - I had to go to DVLA to buy a new Licence . before the new licence arrived they have taken off my discount and charged me £48 for doing so. Whoever oversees Car Ins Companies needs to sort them out . I now have TEN YEARS NO CLAIMS am aged 59 Years am female and Im having trouble so I dont know how the rest of the public get on . They lost my licence and are now charging me for them not having it. They have ignored my letter completely. Plus they were charging a lot for my second car although I obviously only drive 1 car at a time and no others drivers are named . Does anyone know of a really good car ins co ? Who want to keep their customers ?? If so please let me know asap Thanks Pl
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