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  1. I am about to fight Together Commercial Finance Limited in court for various reasons such as unreasonable penalty charges, unsolicited visits, interest rates, and other misdemeanours. This is an unregulated mortgage so the outcome of the trial will hopefully set a precedent for many others who are victim's of these and other unscrupulous sub prime lenders. I will keep you informed.
  2. Hi, the mortgage was taken out on 2005. The mortgage offer had no conditions. The lender has not kept a copy of any terms (if there were any) and it wasn't signed by the lender. No annual statements so could the mortgage then be considered to co.e under the CCA?. Thanks for your response
  3. Connected to the above. In 2005 I took a Commercial Mortgage out which is unregulated. The mortgage offer had no terms & conditions attached-the lender says there are no copies of any conditions attached to this offer and that is irrelevant as the Mortgage deed supersedes this. Also, the Mortgage Offer was not signed by the Lender, and since 2005 no annual statement has been provided. Can anyone precisely off any advice on the ramifications of this? Thank you
  4. If you do this and keep it under 1 month-there is nothing they can do-as you are not in arrears. Good Luck. Don't forget to email them don't ring-they will twist your words. Who is your 'Relationship' Manager (I say the term loosely)
  5. Hi, They should certainly have responded. Still, do not hesitate to send another. Email it to their Complaints department. Can I ask how many months in arrears are you? Have they definitely appointed receivers? and issued the appropriate formal demand required under The Land and Property Act 1925?
  6. They can be fined for not responding to a Sar etc. Dud you keep all the paperwork? Take it further and still ask for a new one.
  7. Hi, I sympathize I know exactly how you feel. I have dealt with these parasites for 15 years. The first thing I would do is only contact them by mail either email or post. Keep a paper trail you may need to use it later. Secondly, and importantly ask for a SAR/GDSR request and include in it a breakdown of all charges over £30 and how do they justify it? Are some of these charges down to Monarch Recoveries? I challenged these and they refunded over 9K. I can sort out a template if you need one. I have an important court case coming up with this lot soon. At this stage, I don't want
  8. Thank you. I did listen, but the court advised me to submit an application to resubmit, which I did and the judge must have given it merit or they would not have scheduled a hearing. I do appreciate your help, but I also did not want to go against what the court advised.
  9. Because the claimant wrote to the court to say I had done it wrong, but also new information has come to light that affects the claim. I rang the court they say write in ask to add it to this hearing.
  10. Thank you. With regards to the witness statement, there is to be a 90-minute hearing following my application to amend/substitute a WS so I am going to add the non-disclosure onto this.
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