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  1. Forgot to add some pics, which were taken with better lighting (due to the camera flash) and minus the pouring rain.
  2. Hi , here is the receipt with my my appeal letter (which I know now was completely pointless), if anyone can give me suggestions as what I should do next it would be greatly appreciated. I have also attached their response to me. 4 November 2009 JD Parking Consultants Ltd PO Box 223 Farsley Pudsey LS28 0BZ Dear Sir or Madam, Ticket / log number: 029 Vehicle registration number: My vehicle was clamped and towed away from Riverside Court, Leeds on 31 October 2009 and I have already paid the fee of £
  3. I will look for the details of the landowner, will try and upload the letter I wrote to appeal and their response.
  4. Last year my friend and I parked in a what we thought was a parking bay only to find the car had been clamped and towed away because it was private land. The only problem is it happended last year and I did send an appeal letter but it was obviously a waste of time. After reading some of the posts about the same firm I find myself becoming increasingly annoyed at being charged so much. Does anyone know if there is a time limit on taking action? It happened last november but back then wasn't sure if we had any grounds to take it any further.
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