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  1. Thank you so much for the help! Doing what you've advised right this minute. Really fed up of just having to fight my corner, really. Knowing that my standing order/direct debit is active and working, and that they received it, is really frustrating when they're trying to say I'm not paying and that I'm in arrears. :/ Thank you again! Will update again if and when I get a reply.
  2. Hello everyone, I was really hoping someone could help me! I had a contract phone with Orange for 18 months, I let the contract run over stupidly thinking it just cancels itself out after the initial contract runs out. Silly me didn't know at the time it just renews itself. So, for several months I did nothing about it and then finally cancelled it by writing them a letter asking to finally stop the contract. They did, thankfully, after four months of letters. I received one final bill from them in the amount of £64.58. One half of that was for one months contract, and the other half was the cost of cancelling a contract without supposedly giving a 30-day warning. Whatever. At the time, I really didn't have £64.58 to spare, so I wrote them a letter, asking if I could pay £5.00 a month and I thought they would agree, instead, the amount/debt (not sure how it works,) was bought by Moorcroft Debt Recovery Limited, based in Stockport. I disputed the amount, saying I wished to deal with Orange but I finally gave in and agreed to pay them the £5.00 a month instead. It was agreed that I would set up a direct debit/standing order for £5.00 to be sent on the 6th of every month. The first payment was in May, and I received a letter stating that I'd failed to pay, I got in contact with them, sending a screenshot of my online bank statement to say that I hadn't missed any payments and they were wrong. I was told to ignore that letter and that they had received the payment. A month passes, the 6th July comes and goes, the £5.00 leaves my account, and I pray that's the last I'll hear of Moorcroft until the amount is paid. Oh boy, was I wrong! I received an email on the 10/06/11 stating I was late on my payment. I immediately sent them an email with a new screenshot of my bank statement to show the amount leaving. I hear nothing for a few days, and then on the 13/06/11, I received a letter saying I had failed to make a payment and I was now in arrears for £5.00. I, again, immediately sent them an email with another screenshot to say otherwise. I told them the agreed amount had left my account just like the month before and that I couldn't be in arrears for something that I had paid. I know the first payment reached them when it needed to, so the second payment couldn't be any different. I waited for nearly two weeks to hear something, yesterday, 30/06/11, I received a letter threatening legal proceedings and told that a Home Collections Division Officer would be coming to my house to discuss why I'm not paying what I agreed upon. I was wondering if someone can tell me if this is normal for them? I'm getting incredibly frustrated that firstly, none of my emails or letters are even acknowledged, and I'm getting really upset at being accused of not paying something when I have and then furthermore being threatened that my case will be passed on. Can anybody help me? I wish Orange had just kept me on with them so I could pay them, I don't know why they had to pass me on to a debt collection agency because I wrote to them and agreed to pay them off monthly. :/ If anyone has any advice or a similar stories, I'd greatly appreciate it!
  3. Hello there, I need a little bit of help as I'm at a loss at what to do. Over two years ago, I decided to get a contract phone. After much searching, I decided to get a Samsung Pixon for £35 a month with Orange. It was an 18 month contract and there was supposedly no hidden fee. Now it was an 18 month contract, which randomly changed to 24 without me knowing. I only found out about this because I was looking forward to trading it in for a new phone and a new contract, I logged into my account and saw that it was a 24 month contract so thought I must have been mistaken. Anyway, 4 months on, the phone breaks for no reason, I decided to just pay the last two months off and then the contract would be ended. I took out a new phone with 02 instead and everything has been fine. Yay. Now here comes the tricky part, I cancelled the direct debit and didn't hear from Orange again for a month, they sent me a letter telling me they'd found out the direct debit had been cancelled and I needed to pay them £45 for one month. I sent them an email and said I don't see why I should have to pay for something that I hadn't used in over two months, and not only that, but the contract I was in had actually ended. I mentioned that they'd changed my contract from 18 months to 24, and also stated that they'd been charging me £10 extra a month. I got a letter back that ignored everything I had said, apart from them stating it was an 18 month contract. If this is the case, the contract should have ended over a year ago, and I've been paying far too much anyway. All they said in the letter is I would have to pay or they'd hand it over to debt collectors. I am absolutely fed up with them, I really don't see how it's fair that they can keep charging people once the contract is ended and not only that, but get away with charging more money then was agreed. Like I said, I haven't used the phone at all. The Orange Sim Card isn't even it anymore, which just confuses me more. If I'd been using it as say, a very expensive alarm clock, then I could maybe under that the extra £10 might be something random, IDK. I was just wondering what to do, I don't have the money to pay them, and as I said, I don't see why I should pay them anything considering how much they'd had off of me already. :/
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