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  1. oh yeh thats a good idea, ill do that tomorrow, i have a stereo at home with a built in microphone so ill try it for sure!!! Thanks x
  2. Oh and yes, this was also the case, my village was an island. the access road to the marquee was a river waiste deep, and the rescue boats were there rescuing people from their floating cars!! I took pics of the flooded marquee, flooded lane,, rescue boats etc and sent them in with my claim as evidence!
  3. Hi, yeh i did take out marquee cover and i took out the most expensive cover - diamond. I have spoken to Confetti anonymously and said i have taken out cover with you, would i be covered if my venue was flooded as a result of say... the recent floods we had, and she said yes u will 100% be covered under the section of 'an unexpected event causing damage to the venue, therefore making the wedding unable to go ahead'.
  4. Hi, Following the recent floods my wedding had to be cancelled due to my venue (marquee) being flooded. BEFORE i cancelled on the friday (my wedding was on the sat) i called my Insurance Company - Confetti.co.uk and asked if we were covered for this eventuality. I was told that there was no doubt that i was covered and to go ahead. Later My Fiance called again to make doubley sure, he was told my another claims handler that we were definately covered, he asked what we could claim for and was told anything we have receipts for to do with the wedding. He also asked how long claims normally
  5. in reality the statements really are all u need. but imagine if it went to court and corbetts say well mr judge its cost our clients hundreds if not thousands in letters and phone calls to mr petrafyde because of the way he managed his account, u cant then turn around and say well actually i requested that information and u havent provided any evidence of this. if u asked for it. the likeliness of this happeneing is very very unlikely but its best to cover yourself. but the long and short of it is u only need your statements with natwest. however when i claimed off virgin they dont even se
  6. u may well have time - use the advice of natweststaffmember in the stickys at the beginning of the natwest threads to get your statements and hopefully they will come in time. if u havent done the spreadsheets already though i gather you have not added the 8% interest on your court claim? you didnt calculate your charges then add on 8% on to the total did u? if this is what u did it is wrong as the 8% is added onto each individual charge not the whole amount.
  7. ok thanks guys and thanks michael for your template x
  8. miz u need to read the faqs where u will find the step by step guide. there is very little room for erroe so u need to understand the process before u start. briefly u start by sending an sar. this can be found in the templates library. natwest then have 40 days to send u your statements. once rec'd u enter details of charges onto a spreadsheet also found in templates library. u then enter the amount of charges (not the 8%interest)and your own details into the templated preliminary letter and post to customer relations. they have 14 days to reply. after 14 days wether they have replied
  9. well without the evidence of charges your claim WILL be struck out, i have experienced similar to this even though i had sent the spreadsheets 3 times to natwest once to the court and three times to corbetts. the judge wrote to me - see my thread 'courts ordered my claim is stayed' just below this one. have u got the charges with a description and a date? if so yes by all means put this onto the spreadsheet and sent it to thecourts corbetts and natwest, but if you havent its highly unlkely your claim will be settled - the spreadsheet is your eveidence?!
  10. well yes but no - the thing is u need it incase u go to court to prove that u have asked for everything listed on the sar else i guess they could use it as a defence - cover your butt. in reality though natwest dont keep a record on any manual interventions etc so all u get is your statements - cover all angles and send the SAR to be sure though. the cag way is the right way!!! it works and ive had over 2000 from natwest and several hundreds from virgin x
  11. start again as u need to put the charges into the spreadsheet the courts require this elae your claim will be struck out. dont panic it will happen but best to get it right x
  12. yes i did one and got back both account statements
  13. yeh natwest dont keep any records of manual interventions so the sar wont come up with anything if i were u id send it as if (which i doubt) u end up in court u have done it. u could just proceed with your prelim and sar etc whilst u wait for it though as u have the info u need already, then, if the time comes to go to court u can prove u have requested details of any manual interventions etc.
  14. yeh its always the way!!!! the easiest way i found to breakdown the advantage gold fee is when u get yur statements u will scroll through them for the word charge, next to it will be the reason. for example - card misuse. then around the same date every month u will have had a charge for the advantage gold £6-£14 quid plus (if u had been over your overdraft the previous month a £28 unarranged borrwing fee added to the advantage gold fee. the unarranged borrowing fee is always 28 quid so just take that off the total amount and that will be the fee. also its the only charge they dont actual
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