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  1. Ah good luck - I have read some not very nice things about them. My SAR took ages but in fairness they provided me with everything even though it proves my point as far as I am concerned
  2. I'll have to look back through. This is what it said on the statement until they eventually agreed to stop adding it on to the account. All charges and interest then stopped until a year or so ago when they called it 'interest on balance' The later statements that I have refer to the term 'interest' but all the earlier ones refer to it as 'service charge at 2.2%'
  3. I am really struggling to scan it in. I will see if I can do it as a photo instead!
  4. I will do my best to add a scanned statement in a mo I used the rate of interest that was on the form 26.4% for the year. A typical statement (after I entered the DMP reads: 09dec payment recieved thank you £9.35CR 23dec service charge at 2.2% per month £35.08 I just did a quick calculation based on claiming these service charges back since I entered a DMP and the total of charges is £943.97and with the compound interest is a total of £5395.11 I will upload a statement now for you to see
  5. right ok. I have just calculated the charges up until the end of 2010 which is all the informaiton I have to date. In terms of charges this is just late payment fee's I HAVE NOT included service charge of 2.2% each month that they added to each statement on the balance (as I assume this is the interest) is this right or do I need to consider that as a charge that I need to add to teh spreadsheet? The total of late payment charges etc is £670.01 including the compound interest. Should I be adding in the service charges of 2.2% a month on the balance that they were adding?
  6. Hi Thanks for that - the PPI claim in itself is more than the current balance. I will however send them a letter requesting the charges back. As i don't have the last year or so statements (because they have not been sent) should I just add the amount that I think has been added on? For example I think its about £500? and see where I go from there? if it goes to court, is it my local one or theirs or another one entirely? Is there a template letter for requesting the charges back?
  7. ok I need some more advice with this one please! Basically I have left them time to respond to my ppi claim. Nothing. I have today resent the request recorded delivery to creation but also to West Midlands Debt recovery who have been ringing me about three times a day to chase this debt. They say that they have all of creations records and they have no knowledge of my PPI claim. I have recieved a really snotty letter from West Midlands debt collectors who are saying that 'I don't understand the seriousness of this debt' and that they fully intend to take whatever action necessary to recover the money, including sending a doorstep collector. I have just been reading a few other threads about creation and it seems they are not 'nice players' I clearly have evidence that I never signed for teh PPI as I have the original cca whcih clearly shows the box unticked. Within the SAR there is also no mention anywhere that I agreed to this PPI. My worries are that: A.) my claim will be totally ignored by Creation or WMDC B.) there is some loophole that means the policy was added before it was regulated by the OMBUSMAN or something silly C.) Further charges are being added weekly and the debt that was originally £750 is nearly £2500!!! Does it matter that I am claiming a refund on the ppi (and eventually the charges too) even though I have not paid the balance off? I am really worried that they are going to try and take me to court on it - is this likely ? What would my chances be? WMDC say that even though I have a PPi claim in I should still be making a payment monthly to them in the interim - is this right or a tactic to get me to admit liability to the debt? the amount I consider to be owed under the ppi refund is £3900 and the debt currently stands at about £2500 I wold be really grateful for some advice on how to tackle this thanks
  8. Good plan Ims I will give it a go! Thanks for all your help too x
  9. Ah 12 weeks - I missed that bit. Ok neck wound in! Yes it was delivered. I checked online. I haven't done anything about the charges yet. Mostly because a lot of the charges have been added since I did the SAR and I haven't kept the statements (in fact i haven't had any for ages!!!) how can I go about getting a breakdown of the last 12 month charges? Do I need to send another Sar request for those dates?
  10. Well I posteed this off back at the end of september and...................NOTHING. Except last night i recieved another call from Moorcroft asking me to pay in full (balance is now £2200, which is a further £200 of charges in three months!!!!) I advised them of my action and they have put the account on hold again. I am going to resend the claim back to creation recorded delivery and tell them that if they do not acknowledge the claim then I will consider taking further action? Is that the right thing to do? Any idea what I do about the interest and charges that they are continually adding to this account????? before I know it its going to be £3000 and my orignial debt was only £700!
  11. I have just completed the spreadsheet you attached. I have put todays date as the claim date however interest has been stopped in 2005, restarted in 2008 then stopped and then restarted again since this. Do I just put today's date and hope for the best or should I try and calculate it exactly?
  12. Also when you say a 'schedule of claim' can you clarify what you mean by this? Thanks
  13. Hi Ims thanks for that. Yes they sent me all the statements - every single one. I did a rough estimate and with the compound interest I worked it out to be approximately £1200. I think I added the 8% on to the total balance though not as a compounded amount. Is that correct? Since I calculated that I have had a further £200 odd pounds of charges added on to the account, should I include these in the claim or is this a separate claim? thanking you in advance Jools
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