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  1. I have won my TMPP from Halifax and been awarded £1700! Thank you so much to this great site I don't have to pay any company for doing if for me, as soon as the cheque clears a donation to this site will be on it's way! Many Thanks Oonagh
  2. Thank you so much for your reply benji, congratulations on your's also! sent of a loan PPI also, wonder if I will hear back about that soon, thanks again!
  3. I recieved a letter from Halifax on my TMPP they are giving me £1738.43 I am not sure if this is a good offer. I paid £17 a month for 5 years the letter states. ( i have no clue how to calculate the amount) "we will offer you a refund of £1738.43 representing all the TMPP premiums paid plus simple interest at 8%. it says as our final response. I think I might just grab it and run as could really being doing with the money, can anyone tell if this would be the correct amount? I will be making a donation to the site for their brilliant help!
  4. Quick update. I have sent off the fos questionnaire for all my mis sold ppi. I had the policy and account numbers and date etc. However I did not write a cover letter just sent the questionaire. I got a reply for the total mortgage protection stating they would investigate in the next 16 weeks. My total mortgage protection life cover states I am not a smoker and that there is no heart conditions on my immediate famly, both these statements are false, I was never asked these questions, the mortgage advisor told me I had to take out lift and unemployment cover, surely this a case of mis selling. Will wait for a response again and in the meantime send a SAR to Halifax? i have sent back other ppi's on a personal loan and home insurance which I was told I had to take call out emergency cover.
  5. Hi Everyone I read your great site all the time it's brillant, my first time posting so please forgive if its in the wrong place. My question is this, I have my current account: which has cost me £100's in late and overdraft fees, my mortgage, an unsured personal loan and I had a credit card with Halifax, I also have my current account with them. I am not sure if I have PPI on the loan, I think I was mis sold mortgage protection, the mortgage advisor told me I had to take it out to get the mortgage. I am afraid to claim or make an inquiry incase they might do something like close my current account or scrap to my mortgage! Any advice would be very welcome. Thank you again for your great site, when I can afford it I will make a donation!
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