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  1. Hello My partner, who works for the same firm as me, was advised a couple of weeks ago that she was being investigated on the grounds of falsifying her flexi sheets for 2 days in October. Her job, like mine, is not solely office based, and she is often out visiting places/people. The accused her of leaving early and not recording it correctly (it was noticed that she was not in a meeting), and for something similar on the morning of another day. She provided evidence that she was working from home (documents and screenshots proving that she had been sending emails, typing and saving docu
  2. I have copies of all the letters and proof of receipt. Alas I do not have any evidence in respect of the "contact us" forms I sent. Again they did not acknowledge receipt. With hindsight I would have taken a screen print of the content.
  3. Hello Last year I signed up for Bristol Martial Arts Academy, with Harlands being the collection company. I was advised I needed to give 3 months notice to cancel my membership. In March this year I was travelling and decided to cancel as I did not need the expense. As I was in New Zealand I used the "contact us" form on Harland's website, advising them that I wished to give 3 months notice. I heard nothing. One month later I was back in the UK and, after having tried to call Harlands (to no avail) I used their "contact us" page to send another email. No response. One month after tha
  4. it was paid for using a Halifax Visa Debit card. I have recently read about something called the Visa Chargeback scheme, but Halifax told my mum they offer no protection. Not sure if this is because call centre staff dont know much about it (I have read that this may be the case). I am at my wits end.
  5. Hi all, this is my first time posting here - I hope someone can give me some pointers! I'm on the warpath on behalf of my mum, who paid for a dining table and chairs and a glass topped sideboard for her conservatory in January 2010. I was renovating the conservatory for her so she didn't need the furniture in any hurry, however, it didn't turn up until July 2010. The table and chairs were ok but the sideboard, which arrived already assembled with little in the way of protection, was damaged (several chips in the wood, some scratches at the base of the glass etc). As I was present on deliv
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