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  1. Hi Both myself and my wife ended up being criminals by getting caught speeding on the Grimsby Parkway by some stealth cameras both vat different times, both doing 36mph in a 40mph area. There has been loads of complaints about the speed limit as it is on an area of road surrounded by high walls and no pedestrian access - some would call it a cash cow. Even the Chief Constable got caught ! 6 weeks after receiving the NIP the speed limit has been raised to 40mph ! My query is whether or not there are any precedents in challenging the case based on it clearly having been a
  2. I understand that Caro. They were both in residential care. On the death of FIL, he bequeathed his estate to his daughter which left half the account still available for MIL. MIL never worked. None of MIL funds have been removed, other than a few incidentals that are costs for presents and clothes for her etc. Why should they have any call whatsoever on the proceeds of a will? As it happens, after making enquiries at the weekend it turns out there is no "contract" with the bank that they signed. Bugsley
  3. Thanks Freaky. That was my interpretation too, but it just does not appear right to me. We'll be requesting the contract from Lloyds Bank on Saturday. Regards Bugsley
  4. Regrettably both in-laws ended up in a residential home together and Father-in-law died last year. In his will, he left half his estate to his daughter, my wife. The other half is still being used to fund Mother-in-law. However, today we received a letter from the local council who are part funding her care that says the following : "When opening a joint bank account an agreement will be signed with the bank which will address the terms of the account and the rule of survivorship. In order to determine if the capital moved from Mrs xxx joint account with her late husband can be disre
  5. Presumably you can claim the cost back if you win or is it another stealth tax ?
  6. No, I wasn't aware they charged. What are the costs involved to instigate a tribunal claim now ?
  7. Thanks Andy. As it happens, things have moved on somewhat. She will be submitting her resignation is a day or two as events have moved on and there is little question that she has been treat very poorly and her position systematically undermined. She just cannot bear the thought of even seeing some of the directors now due to their actions. The view is that she has a strong case for Wrongful Dismissal and regarding a Constructive Dismissal, we'll just have to fight the corner and see what the outcome is. It'll be a nasty and dirty challenge considering how her employer has treat her, but
  8. The potential outcome is over £5k total because it's racking up month by month due to it being a breach of contract and the claimant being entitled to payments that she was entitled to be paid in accordance with her contract but were not paid and were unilaterally withdrawn. However, it's a massive step to have to cough up over £1000 to pursue such a claim FST plus the delay of 20 to 30 weeks before it is heard and the potential for weasel legal arguments that its harder to defend without having to cough up £100's more for legal assistance. It just puts up a barrier that says it's not worth th
  9. I am asking the following question on behalf of a third party who would prefer to remain anonymous. I am trying to resolve two matters with my employer, a limited company : 1. A Breach of Contract including an unlawful deduction from wages. 2. Failure to pay overtime I have submitted when they have agreed to pay, in writing, but haven't. If the two issues are added together their combined value would be over the £5000 limit but seperately, neither is at the limit. Would I be entitled and allowed to put in two independent claims to the small claims court for each of the is
  10. Thanks for the opinions folks. Actually proving that some of their allegations were false and made up is not difficult as there are minutes of directors meetings where they agreed matters and then denied they had agreed them. They made allegations and then changed them to something else even more cras that a 6 year old could see it was fabricated. Trust me, there is little difficulty in proving that they have acted as absolute numpties in many aspects of this escapade. One reason we are considering action is because the directors are doctors and the situation has been handled so badly tha
  11. I am currently in a situation where my wifes pharmacy company has brought a series of false, exaggerated and downright incorrect allegations against her, suspended her on full pay, held a disciplinary hearing and now, apparently although it has not happened yet, will be not be dismissing her but giving her a final warning for gross misconduct. It has been what can best be described as a witch hunt where the directors have made false allegations, lied, fabricated evidence and made it very hard to provide an defence. We intend to submit for an appeal hearing and also to submit a grievance. I
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