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  1. I started working a few months ago and this month I was late 2 times and receive a warning with possible monitoring. Since I started working I Was asked to work 9am-5:30pm. However I noticed on my first day the contract I had signed stated 9:30-5:30. Also I do not get paid any over time since I am not hourly paid. I raised this with my manager and I was told that I start at 9am -5:30 so continued. This month I had a meeting with HR regarding a first warning for lateness. I was however told by my manager when I raised the issue that it shouldn't matter if I was late since my contract
  2. Hello, Yesterday after 2 weeks of being suspended, I have gone to my hearing to be told basically they have no facts on who took 3000 pound out of a safe. On the day it could had happened there are many scenarios that could had happened. The problem I have now is, I have only been employed for 7 months on a contract. There was a serious lack of security with no cameras in the area of the safe. Ill explain how the whole nightmare has happened. I am one of the 4 people with a code which i required to do my job in the mornings when i had over the cash float to a s
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