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  1. Dx100uk.....I know I cant just cancel out my CCJ with a click of my fingers...Im not that naive now...I do realise I will have to hound Allin one finance and their solicitors to get it sorted and my CRA updated! What name rings alarm bells? I dont understand or am I just being too blond???!!!
  2. Firstly, I am so, so sorry for not getting back to everyone sooner! Been a hectic month! There has been a substantial development regarding my CarCraft/All in One finance/Creation finance nightmare. I have researched several posts on here regarding the NAC warranty and CarCraft/All in One Finance relationship. Two weeks ago I wrote a letter to CarCraft demanding they cancel and refund the NAC warrant as it was added to my account without my knowledge etc. I also threatened them with the Financial Ombudsman. Didn't expect much...but to my absolute astonishment I got a phonecall off a lovely lady in Carcraft customer services called Danielle who said she had considered my complaint and CarCraft would be willing to CANCEL my NAC warranty based on my complaint. To say I was shocked was an understatement!!!!!!!!!! £2788 wrote off and more importantly my CCJ cancelled out as well!! Cant believe it! Promise to check my posts more regularly from now on!x
  3. Help please!!! Im trawling through my debts and I am slowly taking steps to tackle them. I received a letter from Shoosmiths solicitors,Manchester,on Saturday. It was to do with my old MBNA account that they have sold it to Arrowe global. Debt is for £3500. Got through to some guy at Shoosmiths. He basically hinted that they have done a search and have found out my name is on my mum/dads property. I am an equal third owner. The guy at Shoosmiths said his client Arrowe Global wouldnt accept me paying the debt monthly and the only option for me was to pay in full or they would seek a CCJ against me and then get a charging order. Every other word he said in the conversation was "When we sell the property...the value of the property...." Can they do this?? Im at my wits end now. Felt really positive over the past month that im trying to sort these debts out and now I feel like Im competely backed in the corner. Can anyone help me or give me advice?
  4. I havent got a copy no. I need to write to the court on Monday to get a copy of my papers. Are you sure I can re-claim my Warranty money? If so how? Another post on here I was reading says there is no way for you to recaim the warranty back. Confused.com now! Any help you can give me dx100uk would be brill x
  5. Hi all.... Im a CAG virgin so please be gentle with me! Ive been in financial difficulty for some time and has firmly had my head in the sand for a few years! Ive now bit the bullet and got a copy of my credit file from both Equifax and Experian. Here's the problem... I got a car from CarCraft on HP. They sold me a worthless NAC warranty for £2500 and put the finance with a company called "All in one finance". Naively I agreed to this warranty because the finance advisor hinted it would be easier for me to get finance for the car if I had a warranty on it. I ran in to financial difficulty shortly after getting the car. I havent made a payment on the finance at all because of my money problems. I didnt hear a thing from them since 2006. When I looked at my credit file I have a CCJ issued against me from "All in one finance". This was a shock as I hadnt received any papers saying they were taking me to court. They havent even registered a default against me...it seems they went straight to the CCJ. Can they do that? It seems unfair that they went straight for the kill and even havent registered a default as a warning shot! Then it gets interesting..... All in one finance is not on my credit report for either Equifax or Experian when I looked at them. Instead a company called "Creation consumer finance" is on my equifax report. I was confused to say the least as I havent signed anything with them. When I phoned them they said the £2500 was for a car warranty and that they wanted to pass me through to Gothia debt collectors. When I asked them if they had anything to do with "all in one finance" the woman from Creation said a firm no. When I checked my paper work I hadnt signed anything from Creation. I got onto the phone to "all in one finance" and they said they didnt have anything to do with Creation. Again I was confused as I thought I owed two different companies for £2500. I rang Carcraft head office and at first the woman from CS was adamant that I only owed "All in one finance". I asked her to write me a letter confirming this. She went off the phone to confirm this with someone. She came back on and informed me that All in one finance and Creation consumer finance have a "relationship" with each other. Strange since both of them denied this when I asked them. Based on this do I have a case to get my CCJ set aside? Sorry its so long winded and any advice/help would be greatly appreciated by a girl trying to sort her debts out.xxx
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