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  1. just a quick update on whats happened so far in reply to rothman i wish that i had heard from u sooner on oct 28 i went to court to try and appeal the decision to have my house repossesed by the C.S.A only to be knocked back by the judge because according to the c.s.a i had never paid a penny to my ex in support for my child all lies told to the c.s.a by my ex, anyway the judge looked at as if i was something he,d trodden in and told my solicitor that the order would carry on and even with the offer of 10,0000 pounds it would be executed as i had no proof of how i could come up with further payments to settle this trumped up 25,0000 debt so consequentley i am now in rented accomodation awaiting the sale of my property and not being able to defend my self against this legalized robbery
  2. wow guys thank u very much u have been very helpfull i have just contacted the x after finding something on the nacsa site about her being able to stop the eviction order (swallow pride and all that)i will be trying these steps on monday to see if i can stop this going thru the set aside especially sounds good will keep u informed people thanx again u,ve been invaluable
  3. thank u guys for ur prompt replys i went to court ystdy to try and get a suspencion on the order but the judge flatley denied my requests and offers for 10,000 down payment towards arrears i am lost as what to do now once again i have to ask the question is it possible for for baliffs to force entry to my property as they state on there eviction letter they have athourity to remove anyone still on the property (on the land) at the time of eviction
  4. hi to all on c.a.g my problem is i burryed my head hoping this would go away now i have a posession order expected in the next couple of days and not sure what to do can i hold up in my house and ignore the baliffs when they call, and can they force their way into my house can anyone help it is a very complexed case i am willing to pay but have not got 25,000 pounds at my disposal at the moment to pay the c.s.a
  5. hi i have a a big problem with the c.s.a at the moment i have been to court today because the csa has put a charging order against my home for the sum of 25,000 pounds i am due to be evicted from my home on the 2 november can any one tell me if i can be forced from my property as i keep getting conflicted reports as to my rights
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