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  1. Hi I have sent a CCA request to Lowells for a debt they bought from Creation (Asda Credit card) and they have written back saying they have been in touch with Creation to ask them for the documentation - so they bought the debt without the paperwork? What do I do now?
  2. Thank you dx, I am sorry to mess you around like I said head, sand etc but am going to deal with it now. Thanks again, I will let you know what happens.
  3. Hi I have just received a letter from Lowells entitled 'pre legal assessment'. They now own a Creation CC debt of £9554. A default notice was sent on 7 Sept 2017 by Creation. After that date I have ignored all communication. I believe the account was opened in 2012 (I thought it was earlier). I want to start taking things in hand. Am I correct in thinking the first thing I should do is send Lowell a CCA request? Thanks in advance
  4. Hi dx I have checked my credit file and it is all up to date with current addresses etc. There is nothing bad on it at all. I have removed my head from the sand and want to try and deal with my mess. Will you help me? I will have to do one debt at a time though as I just get bogged down and then hide!
  5. Hi dx i have written on here for advice before, you were very helpful but I just buried my head in the sand. I’m at work so don’t have exact dates but default would have been mid last year. Last payment April 2017. No it’s not on my credit file but nothing bad is on my credit file, nothing bad at all and I have had 8 default notices and Barclaycard write off nearly 12k because they said they’d not treated me properly and gave me £75!! i think Santander and mbna are the only few who have not sold on. I’m just lost with it all. I
  6. They say their client is Santander and they’re acting on their behalf to collect outstanding debt of £2987.
  7. Just received a letter from Drydensfairfax Solicitors stating they are acting for Santander credit cards to recover an outstanding credit card debt. Does this mean they are going to take me to court as they are solicitors?
  8. Thanks dx, what about courts its am I likely to end up there? In summary then, send them all an offer of what I can afford, if they refuse or don't respond then £1. Will I ever get credit agin and where is the best place to read up?
  9. What do you think I should do next? (with all of it I mean)
  10. Well if it is no one has told me? I have not had anything from a DCA relating to this card or any letters from BC advising this is what they have done?
  11. No I haven't as far as I recall, I was working in a good job in 1995 so I can't see why I would and I have worked ever since? I looked again and it is showing 'account settled' 4/7/17 is that what you mean? The first payment I missed this year was due 15/5/17. Why would you expect an earlier default date?
  12. 1/10/17 the credit file says thats the last time BC was updated
  13. The only default showing on my credit file yesterday was BC. The others have issued me default notices but there was def only one showing on my file. I have just checked again it is only BC showing as defaulted.
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