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  1. I thank you both for your replies. Trading Standards told me some time ago that I am not legally obligated to enter into any new agreement with any new creditor, Given that the original creditor Morgan Stanley did not notify me, firstly with regard to the merger and secondly that I was paying Barclaycard (we thought we were paying Morgan Stanley) which has been the same account since day one in 2004, the last payment made was 23rd January 2012, this payment was rejected. It is only now that Bc are asking us to pay into a new account, the number of which they have supplied, but we suspect
  2. Received a letter yesterday from Barclaycard, it was vague, the account numbers they had for me were wrong, briefly they now want me to pay my debts (original creditor is Morgan Stanley) into a new bank account, I telephone them this morning, and was told that the two aforementioned companies merged in 2007. Morgan Stanley have never sent a copy of a deed of assignment, neither have they ever sent an statement of account, we have never had any sort of correspondence with Morgan Stanley since we went onto an agreed repayment plan in 2004. Barclay card told me this morning that they have n
  3. Seems someone was listening, bank closed was closed but not before they helped themselves to this months fees.
  4. Ok folks, I am back and with the same old complaint! I am looking for advice, serious suggestions only please Further to my original post and all those that followed....Santander have taken to ignoring me completely, with the exception of a letter I received yesterday!! Well actually, its not a letter its more of statement of what I now "owe them" without any details of where exactly these charges were made from, I last spoke to Santander in May 2011, I again offered the token payment of £1 per month towards the outstanding £250 overdraft, it was refused, again. As of yeste
  5. Hi all, A wee problem with my bank, therefore, any advice is appreciated, recently and as advised my wife and I wrote to our bank requesting our business bank account be closed, it served no purpose to us as we have retired. We don't owe the bank any money, and there is no overdraft. It is now nearly a month, and there has been no change to this account, however, they have made another charge regarding admin fees, we have rung them 5 times now, the banks own website "Q&A" clearly states that these accounts are closed when requested, within 4 working days, Is there something
  6. Thank you, yes I am in Scotland. I have had the current account since about 2003, it was originally opened by me to have a wee bit "pocket money" in, the terms were that I banked £500 per month which I duly did, around 2005 I lost my business and went onto benefits and I became a client of CCCS, these Benefits are paid through my husbands pension credit, Also at this time I asked for a small over draft, of £250, which I duly got from the bank. The account is mine, but the bank have accepted my husband's pension weekly into it, but they would not allow me to change the account
  7. I wrote to them on the 15th October 2010, asking can I close my account, they was no reply until January 2011 after I again wrote to them, so I guess you could say from October last year, I did owe them £250, but that figure is now £750 +
  8. I am in dispute with Santander, for their excessive overdraft charges and penalaties, I am refusing point blank to pay them, I am on my own with no advisor however, I have told them verbally and in writing that I am not paying them. Thus far (since last October, they are ignoring me and are continuing to charge me daily, they refuse to close my account although they have closed my overdraft account as of January 7th 2011, I will go to prison before I will pay these people what amounts to extortion on their part, they advised me to go onto DWP, to claim as much money as I could to
  9. Who is Aci? Just had a phone call asking for my partner and then they hung up.
  10. Harassment, Intinidation, Abuse of Process are the middlenames of AIC, Today, I have been upset beyond belief, by the aforementioned using every bullying tactic known to man. This evening and after a quick word with trading standards, I am again bacl in the land of sanity, thank heavens. Northern Rock are my creditors, for an unsecured personal loan taken out six years ago, and for which I have never missed a payment, token or otherwise, And as I have heard nothing from Northern Rock, with regard to this debt, nor had anything in writing from either NR or Aic, I have been advised to
  11. Hi, hoping someone can advise, because I think I have dealt with my problem wromgly. Briefly I have held a current account with Alliance & Leicester / Santander since 2002, two years ago I wanted to put my husbands name on my account but I was refused. Even though they refused this it was my husband's pension which was going into my account, and I myself was unemployed recently A&L have started to charge me for my £250 overdraft and for fees for unauthorised overdraft, these range from £5 to £50 in any given month, as a result I wrote to the bank that these charges were u
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