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  1. Thank you all for your advice. I think you are right, it is best to just call the lovely lady that came to see us, tell her about the silliness that was that day we actually had a row, tell her what happenned and that this was one of those stupid situations that just got a little too heated and the police came to see us to shut us both up from shouting basically! I will give them a call tomorrow and tell them how worried I have been about this, and hopefully they will be able to tell me that I have done the right thing in telling them, and that honesty is the best policy. Im sure you are all
  2. Hello there, I am new here and apologise in advance if I have put this in the wrong section! My husband and I have been thinking for a long time about fostering. We finally looked into it all and had a home visit today, which seemed to go very well indeed. Both my husband and I are law-abiding people, and neither of us have ever had so much as a parking ticket, let alone any criminal convictions. The social worker that came to see us spoke about an Enhanced CRB check, so we have been looking on line for information about it. It would appear that it means that the social workers will be a
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