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  1. Sorry, I'm a little confused by that last post... what should I be reporting to OFT & TS? I haven't asked to see the original agreement... I assume that this is what the CPR is for?
  2. Thanks for the info on CPR. Also, to answer your earlier question, the debt relates to a laptop that I bought a long time ago from Dell. Here's what the letter says: Dear Sir or Madam RE: CIT GROUP (UK) LIMITED Outstanding Balance: 1007.44 We note from our records that we have not received full payment. We have now asked our agent to attend your home to serve a Statutory Demand in Bankruptcy and to assess your assets. Once a bankruptcy order is obtained the Official Receiver will close your bank accounts and seize your goods and assets. Costs in the region of 1600.00 will be added to your debt. Yours faithfully
  3. Thanks for the quick response. The dmp I'm with does cost money. I'm with Money Worries. Are there free options out there that I could switch to? The letter that they have sent is simply a notification saying that they are going to serve a Statutory Demand. (i've attached a photo of the letter - apologies for poor quality) What a CPR request?
  4. Evening all, I have recently received several communications for a company called godebt.co.uk who are chasing a debt of £1007 from me. I contacted them a few weeks ago by email with an offer to pay back £40 / month. They refused this, claiming that they do not have to accept partial payments due to the long term of non-payments. So, they demanded full payment - something that I cannot do right now. I'm already paying out £500 / month on a debt management plan - which includes a CCJ. (I (stupidly) accidentally missed this debt out when setting up the debt management plan). Now I have received a couple of letters from godebt.co.uk saying that they are going to server a Statutory Demand in Bankruptcy. They also claim that they will add "costs in the region of 1600.00" to my debt. So, I have a few questions that I would be very grateful if someone out there could help me with: 1) Are they allowed to refuse to accept partial payments on the account? 2) Would they really be able to add £1600 as costs to the debt? 3) Should I take the threat of bankruptcy seriously? It's also worth mentioning that I would be in a position to pay off the debt in December - can you advise if it is worth trying to delay this whole process until then - and if so, how would I do that? Lastly, I have to say that I'm totally impressed by the knowledge being shared on these forums, and the good will of people trying to help out other people in need... great to see. Thanks for reading
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