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  1. If it is a legal dropped kerb, then the H bars are there to curb the obstruction of that dropped kerb access. If there is a car on the hardstanding then obstructing its egress can cause a ticket to be issued. If there is no car then obstructing the ingress of any vehicle can also be ticketed by the council depending on what the local regulations are.
  2. Have already sent them the letter, and the complaint letter when they failed to supply under s.78. They told me my 'complaint' was rejected as they claim they had endeavoured to comply with my request, but my failure to provide confirmation of any name changes prevented them from complying with my request. So, they still intend pursuing, but admit they are unable to enforce. I really don't think they are going to listen to anything, but I have sent the telephone harassment letter and await their compliance LOL.
  3. I would love to see them try issuing a claim. I have written confirmation from the OC that the original agreement does not exist as it was such a long time ago, and that they will not be seeking to enforce the debt. However, they have sold the debt on - which is interesting in itself. Perhaps it is time to show the lowlife the letter and see what they say? Or, maybe I won't and just let them waste time writing to me asking for payment?
  4. hi all, Happy New Year!! So, the latest with this lot is that they cannot supply a copy of the original agreement, but they still intend chasing for payment. In their long letter they state that:- "Whilst we may not be able to enforce the agreement, the monies remain outstanding. The agreement or any monies has not been made illegal or void because of our current failure to supply a copy of the original agreement. We are prevented from taking steps to enforce the credit agreement but the underlying obligation to repay remains intact" What can I fire back at them now to te
  5. Yes, my friend has a complete new account with totally different account numbers, but still with the same utility company.
  6. Hi guys, serious help needed please for a good friend. Here is the story:- BG have passed an account of a deceased person to UMS, and UMS are now threatening Magistrates Court to break in and fit card meter. I gave BG a reading when I moved in to the house, and have been paying my account on time. All I know is that the deceased's estate was in probate for about 2 years UMS are chasing a combined electric + gas dual fuel account, but they are chasing it in my name as I just happen to have the same surname as the deceased person!! What am I to do? This is driving me
  7. Neither of them Andy, it was last updated 4th Nov and when I follow the email advisory link the thread has gone.
  8. as my original thread has disappeared I am updating with a new one. Do I just ignore these muppets now, or is there something 'juicy' I can send them to get them to act? thanks, G From the DCA : 'We have received a formal request under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations CPUTR 2008 for a copy of the Consumer Credit Agreement which related to account xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. We can confirm that we do hold a copy of the agreement for the above account; however we have requested on five previous occasions confirmation of any name changes before we could
  9. DLC have confirmed they hold a copy of MBNA agreement, but they are refusing to release a copy to me unless I confirm to them any name changes that I have undertaken. They require any previous names plus dates of any changes of name. Are they taking the pi**? My name has not changed since the agreement was signed, what are they playing at? Thanks.
  10. A debt will be "Statute Barred" if there has been no acknowledgement of the debt by you making a payment or in writing within the relevant limitation period. The debt would then be legally UNENFORCEABLE. If you are in England/Wales then the limitation period is 6 years If you are in Scotland then the limitation period is 5 years So, it sounds like it is well and truly Statute Barred already, but others will confirm that.
  11. Why are you even paying the bailiff? Pay the Council directly using their online payment system.
  12. Ignore the I&E request. CPR's are only valid if served in conjunction with a 'live' court case, were they served during a 'live' case? i.e. was there a claim number on a Court Document?
  13. Yes, a pure attempt to get you riled so you start communicating with them. File it in the WPB file
  14. Sounds like a speculative invoice to me. Can you scan the paperwork or tell us exactly what it says?
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