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  1. I had some windows put in by Wedgewood homes . I am having problems with one not staying open , They are Sash . I have phoned wedgewood 9 times each time they promise to get back to me . But after a year I feel i am being ignored . Can anyone give me any advice on how to proceed . Thanks
  2. Thanks for reply . I made my last payment on loan was £81.11. 28/8/10. I received a letter from Santander 7/10/10 . requesting £ 19226.71 . I was in process of remortgaging and contacted Santander and told them I would clear balance within a month. Then on the 9/11/10 Capquest wrote . They request payment to them .
  3. I had a loan with Santander and owe 19266.71 . I had a notice 7/10/2010 re arrears on this . I had recently remortgaged so was/am in a position to pay . I received a letter from Capquest 9/11/2010 . Claiming the debt had been referred to them . The amount they request is 26236.05. They claim this is interest !! I am happy to pay the original amount . What can I do ? Can anyone help please or point me in the right direction . Cheers
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