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  1. Hi Senior, Thanks for the help I'll whiz that off to them and see what comes back and let you know how I get on
  2. Hey thanks senior, I would rather see what it is and head it of at the pass ... sorry but the link is broken could you please post again
  3. Hi, Bazooka, well for the readers digest one they produced a list of books we apparently ordered... one was a Bob the Builder book but I have 2 daughters one 8 and the other 13 so I don't see why we would have ! Ah yes I will have a check on my file ... but you think the best thing is to ignore it at this point ?
  4. Hi, This is my first post so please forgive my ignorance if it's in the wrong place or been answered before. I have had 2 letters from global today. One with regards to a long standing Reader Digest order we didn't place but I had stupidly rang them about it and they then followed with a 'pay within 14 Days the sum of £74.80. so basically I know about this one. But now letter 2 is claiming on behalf of GE Capital £1,627.16 for which I know nothing about... my question is how can I find out about the debt without admitting to it as this maybe over 6 years ago? Thanks in advance
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