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  1. No just a text and today recived another text from Resolution Legal for same debt.
  2. Thanks guys will read the threads and then calm down! x
  3. Has anyone ever heard of these guys, got a msg from them saying that they will have agents calling at my home and work and then charge me???? Thanks
  4. Could that be for example an application for a bank account who would have my new details and then for those details to be made available on my credit file? If so I am now really worried that they will send a letter to my work place!!!
  5. I have cancelled membership with them but just managed to login to lok at my contact details before paying for re-joining so haven't looked any detail. What do you mean by new credit agreement?
  6. Actually just checked my file on Experian and my old mobile is on there with no reference to home or work number so even more baffling!!!
  7. Yes I have I updated it with my new details and checked the file but surely the contact numbers hould be kept private and not passed on? That sounds wrong!
  8. Hi guys How do these debt agencies obtain contact details, I have recently changed my home phone and am ex directory, work phone is a Direct Dial and newish job and I rarely give my mobile out. But still I am getting contact phone calls and texts from Fredrickson International, it is about an old debt I presume as I have had no debts at my new home and I have lived here for 4 years. How do they obtain these details? any help would be appreciated as I am alreally concerend that my data is sitting somewhere it shouldn't be for anyone to access.. I recently joined Credit Expert to check my file cold it be from that? I hope not as surely that would be against data protection? Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Hi, How do some of these debt companies get your contact details, I am ex directory and recently changed my number only recently moved to a new job and have a Direct Dial number and don't give my mobileout yet I am getting constant calls from Fredrickson international on all three numbers how is that possible??? I am pretty sure they are calling me about old debt that they have bought but still baffled and concerened about how my details are so easily ontained and abused!!! Can anyone help Cheers
  10. Yes I have just checked my credit file and one lender who I haven't been able to afford to pay back has regeristed a default and late payments against my history, it goes up £75 every month....
  11. Thanks their site is lenduk dot com, I can't add a link as I have only posted 5 times...
  12. Hi guys Has anyone had any dealings with Lend UK, we had a dispute in August about payment, and it transpires that my inforamtion was incorrect. I have since changed my card details so they cannot take anything out via my bank. My inital loan with them was for £300 and I paid back £75 (the fee) the next month. I thought I had arranged to pay back £375 but i am really crap with my paperwork (and often bury my head in the sand with debt) so now the problem is that is it showing a debt of £550 so they are obviously still adding the interest of £75 each month. Has anyone been successful in freezing the interest with this company or approach to take. Thanks for your help in advance.
  13. I have another account I can use, does anyone know whether banks can change your bank account number? Will start to make contact with these companies, any other advice/hints and tips from anyone that has had dealings with any of the above, please let me know.
  14. Ok will try, with PTP they have a DD set up, so just cancel that I presume? What a mess!!! Really sad that so many people are in the same position and bankc just not at all willing to help. has anyone had any dealings with Lend UK I feel like I am being stalked!
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