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  1. Sorry-to clarify: -Sues's ex-supervisor was involved in the incident that led to Sues dismissal. The incident which resulted in a compromise agreement from the company, and compensation, in return for confidentiality from Sue and no further action against the company. -Her ex-supervisor is telling customers at her store (including customers she is aware work in Sues new store with her), that she was dismissed for theft (not-true). -My gut tells me that if anyone should be aware that the matter is confidential it should be her ex-supervisor, who was involved in the incident and one of the few who could possibly breach the contract. What I believe is if they havn't told the ex-supervisor not to discuss it, they have been unable to perform their duties outlined in the contract, and as such are liable for whatever is due If they have told the ex-supervisor, they should reprimand the ex-supervisor (not too bothered if they do or not though tbh but they should), but also take steps to ensure it doesnt happen again so that they can fulfill their side of the contract. (ie tell the staff member of the companies obligations) Im no expert by any means but that kinda makes sense to me and seems backed up in law I agree she should raise this matter with her new employer though, or at least have a full explanation ready for when/if they bring it up Thanks again. 'Sue' asked me to thank you too
  2. Thanks, Im very sorry to ask but Im confounded... are you sure it would be a breach to tell her supervisor the matter had been subject to a compromise agreement? They would have known of the issue itself, as they were her supervisor, so for the company to inform her of the existence of a compromise agreement would not have been a breach surely? I cant believe the company dont have an obligation to tell the people directly involved in the issue, who also happen to be her supervisor, and likely to be asked for a reference, that the issue is subject to a confidentiality agreement. That should be the first thing they do- inform the parties directly involved, that the company has agreed to confidentiality on the matter. The whole point in the agreement was so her supervisor wouldnt say stuff like this to her new employer... so she could move on. If we knew this was going to happen we'd have not settled when we did and taken them to court. I'm sorry if Im making you repeat yourself, Im not angry at you in anyway, on the contrary I appreciate your patience with someone as frustrated as me, and really appreciate your imput
  3. Hi, Thanks for your reply. Whilst I understand that a case for defamation may be difficult to win, I'm shocked that the confidentiality agreement signed by the company does not prevent their employees breaking it while in company uniform, and being paid by co. Seems like it was a rag now. My partner is in the cooling off period for her new job, the person who told the lie is the ex-supervisor of my partner. Her 'rumours' are likely going to be seen as the co's official view of the matter. Surely they should have briefed her supervisor with regards to the confidentiality agreement?
  4. Hi - would appreciate a bit of advice. I believe we should get legal advice for the purpose of sueing the employee concerned and the company for breach of contract and slander respectively. The circumstances: -My partner was unfairly dismissed at start of year -She received compensation from the company and a confidentiality agreement, as well as a promise of a good reference as full and final settlement. -She now has job with rival company -An employee she worked with (management level) is now openly telling people on the business premises she used to work (including people who work at her new job), that she was sacked dishonorably for gross misconduct and theft. Please advise... My initial reaction is to do the following: a)sending letter to the employee informing her we are considering suing for slander and remind her of the confidentiality agreement b)seeking legal advice to claim against ex-employer for breach of contract and consequential damages- including undue distress and potential loss of earnings (loss of overtime offered due to the rumours) c)ensuring she is fired by the ex-employee for these lies. Thanks for your time guys. She was deeply distressed by this and fears losing her job, the woman spreading the rumours is a gossiping malicious b*tch who pretended to be her friend. Your help is really appreciated. Gratefully, peevedpartner
  5. Right then will put them in their place. If I'm not back to say thankyou it'll mean problem solved, so in hopeful anticipation I'll thank you now. Ta
  6. Thanks fork-it, would you recommend phoning them and insisting they take payment of £110 + fee for the letter I dont seem to have received? Or pay the ticket online then ignore them, or maybe something else... My 'deadline' is 5pm
  7. Thanks again I don't have a letter that gives me 7 days. I did tell the bailiff that I would post a request for a breakdown of fees to them 1st class recorded today, then get back to him when I had examined their reply, as the fees seemed to be pulled out of the air. He said they'd be back tomorrow and there'd be more fees to pay whatever I did. If I post a request to Jacobs for a breakdown of the fees, can they add more while I wait for their reply? If I pay the council online do I have any legal obligation to the bailiffs? Ideally I would love to pay the council online then tell the bailiffs to sod off. Should I? Thankyou for your time and replies
  8. Letter received on the 26th, 2 days ago (yesterdays is identical but lower amount of £260 :S): Regards Edit: Thankyou hallowitch (cross-posted)
  9. oh just to add- the council website seems to be letting me pay off the PCN there- should I pay it then wave the receipt to the bailiffs? Thanks again
  10. Hi- Firstly apologies for the new thread, I have read lots of previous ones which have been very helpful and insightful, yet Im still struggling with how to deal with my bailiff. I owed the council £110 for a PCN, this I forgot to pay as my life was thrown up in the air. The next thing I heard after the council saying I had to pay up, was 2 days ago when I got a letter from the bailiff, hand delivered, "pay £308 within 48 hours or removal action will ensue, incurring further feees." Yesterday a letter demanding £260 within 24 hours or removal action. I tried calling him, but got no answer. Spoke to him this morn he thinks he got the letters wrong way round but will 'honour' the amount of £260 for the next 24 hours. I tell him he can have the £110 he believes I owe, but no more. The verbal breakdown of fees were £80 ticket, £30 court fee, and £90 attendance fee. As you can see doesnt add up. I don't own a car, so no worries about where its parked. So my question is, how should I deal with him? Thankyou in advance, I have tried to figure this out for myself the past two days but I'm not well and finding it very hard.
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