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  1. A quick question:


    Naively, and probably a little desperately - I've placed a holding deposit down on a flat that I like (with a month remaining until my move date). At the agency, while upset about it, they said this landlord only does 6 month contacts initially. Along with this, the agency fee was £120 per person (£240 for us as a couple) + 1 weeks went to put a hold down. I agreed, and in my offer put down £190 and asked for a new couch as the one in there was the current tenants.


    Naturally, the landlord has agreed to this and I received the contract via email yesterday for me to sign and bring in. My error: I hadn't seen it until now and I've already put the hold down.


    The contract states:

    (12.4) In the event of the Tenancy being renewed for a further period there will be a charge payable by the tenant(s) to X X XLtd of £120.00 inc V.A.T. per property as a contribution towards the costs of the preparation of all necessary paperwork.

    (12.5) The Landlord states that there will be a rent increase of 5% pa when either a new or periodic tenancy is created.



    My question: now that I have a holding deposit down, do I have any room to change this clause? I really don't want these two provisions in a contract - much more importantly I don't want to have to increase my rent by £10 a week in six months without any room to negotiate!


    Can I ask that this be taken out before I sign? If they say no, as i've put a hold down and the holding paper says if I back out for any reason I lose the £430 I put down.


    If I sign as is, in six months am I still able to negotiate to change the lease to 12 months + no rent in crease? Or am I screwed and will experience a rental increase automatically and another six month contract or be forced to move?


    Any help would be appreciated - I need to call the agent this afternoon.

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