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  1. I've never done telephone banking so that's maybe why.
  2. I am pleased to report that the TSB have now got back in touch with me and we are well on the way to resolving my complaint. All's well that ends well, as they say.
  3. I've been with the TSB for oh 40 years and have come to expect pretty good service but it seems to have gone down hill recently.
  4. I can't get into contact with anyone at the TSB, not by phone, not by email. I was offended by a security guard at my local TSB branch (Aberdeen). I am trying to make a complaint but not getting anywhere. I tried to contact them by phone. The local branch don't pick up and I get an answering machine telling me to call back. The UK telephone line is an automated machine which asks me for my account number and sort code, which I can type in. Then it asks me for my "security number" or some such and I don't HAVE a security number. So I can't get anywhere with that. I made an
  5. Osborne says under 35s are only room rent boys & girls (YouTube) Video: George Osborne in the UK parliament announcing that as part of his spending review he wants to restrict housing benefit for under 35s to pay only for room rent in a shared accommodation, not for a single person's house or flat. Well then Scottish & British adults. Are we happy to become Tory rent boys and girls taking it up the arse from the Queen's ministers or are you ready for a war? MPs & councillors who won't fight the cuts. To get the real Fight The Cuts campaign under way full steam,
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