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  1. I do not see how I can fight it rebecca pidgeon I did not write to the 20 employers so they are going to say that it's what I agreed to.
  2. you are right estellyn but of course yet again its not taken into consideration and educated or not the government believes that those who do not work are a drain on society
  3. I have been told that too laughing girl and of course we are going to leave because the whole point in getting a degree is to get a better paid job otherwise there is no point. Education is always promoted by politians and society alike as the best way to being highly employable. My experience is that I wish I had never done it and I may have had a a job sooner.
  4. the jobs I had to put down on there I am overqualified for also. I live in one of the most deprived areas to start with its madness and they will get what they want because no matter how hard you try to fight they will find another way to get what they want.
  5. I will scan my agreement that I never wanted to sign in the first place as it was way too much, if anyone wants to see. As far as I am concerned it was done so that I would fail to comply at some point.
  6. the job I have been offered is only part time so they think its not enough, but what they not recognising is that there are very few full time jobs available. I wish I had your job seekers agreement laughing girl I would have no problem complying with that. I think becuase I have just finished a degree they thought I could do alot more than others but what they do not realise is no matter whether you are educated or not there are only so many jobs, employers ect to apply and write to.
  7. thanks laughing girl thats not the half of it I have to do six hours job search everyday ring 3 employers each week and ask family anf friends and do atleast 17 things each week. I have explianed to them that after a certain amount of time you cannot comply with it as you will run out of options. being doing this for 6 months and each week it gets harder and harder to keep complying as I am looking at the same jobs everyday and there are only so many I can apply for, but they not interested the agreement is designed to make you fall foul at some point
  8. they can keep their £71 a week will cost them more to keep me in prison and atleast my human rights will be looked after.
  9. thanks laughing girl will inform the housing benefits. I cannot appeal as they got me bang to rights! I am meant to write to 10 employers each week but only did 16 out of the twenty. My gripe is I thought the agreement was unreasonable six months ago but they would'nt change it. I was supposed to pay for a CRB check but cannot now so will probably lose the job anyway have rung HR to see if they can help with this and still waiting a call back.
  10. thanks laughing girl yes I am claiming housing benefit. The job is just a casual one do not have a start date as yet.
  11. thanks for the reply but I wont be signing on again, like I said in an earlier post I would rather go to prison.
  12. I was told to register for universal job search today and it was mandatory and when I gave a letter from thier own union website saying its not mandatory the advisor was not happy went to see her manager and not sure whether this is connected or not but then scrutinised my job seekers diary and aggreement and decided I had not done enough to look for work and sent it for refferral! I am sick of the benefits system and this government and will crawl away and die just like they want me too. I would rather be in prison than live everyday worrying about whether I will be able to have my basic human needs met from week to week. Subsequently I signed off and if no one else cares about me then why should I?
  13. What happens if you sign off before a sanction is refferred? I went to sign on today and the advisor decided I had not done enough to look for work. After much argueing I filled the page in and signed off will the sanction still be refferred? I am sick and tired of having to justify myself all the time. I even have a job to start in Jan but they still saying I am not doing enough!
  14. I have had one meeting with my advisor, however the job seekers agreement was not looked at or mentioned. When asked what the appointment was for the advisor said that we call people in now and then to make them feel cared about. I was just asked how I have been getting on with looking for jobs and voluntary work. I am doing voluntary work and have a job due to start in January. My advisor knows this but still my agreement has not been changed since I first claimed.
  15. Thanks for the reply flumps. Yes it is a completely new claim.
  16. Hello all. I have been claiming JSA since the beginning of July. I have read quite a few times that after 13 weeks your JSA agreement is no longer valid. I have not had any review of my JSA agreement since I first started claiming, does this mean that if I was ever sanctioned I could argue that my agreement is not valid anymore?
  17. Hello all I read somewhere something about sanctions being unlawful due to the Wednesbury Principals. My understanding is that any decisions taken to sanction a persons benefits has to be reasonable and all facts must be taken into consideration and it to be proportional. Can anyone explain in what circumstances these principals would be used and would they be effective in appealing a sanction? For example is a person who has had no other sanctions within the last 12 months imposed and had produced more than satisfactory job seeking searches previously would it be reasonable and proportionate to sanction for the 13 weeks that is now in place for missing to apply for one job?
  18. Thankyou Mikey for you reply. I now know the reason for the wrong dates. Although I made my claim online it did not go through the system, so I had to make a clerical claim, which I did on the 3rd. However there was some disparigy with the date I gave them which was backed up with a letter from the college. On their system the course end date was different, so it was sent to a decision maker. The decsion maker decided that the date on their system was the correct one, However it is not because my degree is not validated by the University I attended so my course runs on the validating University dates. So the date was incorrect I have now had to ask for a reconsideration with a screen shot of the term dates from the University that validated my degree. I believe the decision maker should have rung the validating University or at least looked on their website to find the correct dates, but I guess common sense does not prevail.
  19. Hello I am wondering if there has been any change to the rules regarding the dates from which you can claim JSA after finishing university. I made a claim for JSA on the first day after my official end of term which was 29/06/2012. The claim was started on 01/07/2012. I was asked to provide evidence of the official date in which I gave a letter from the course leader stating that the official end date was 29/06/2012. I have today received a letter stating that my claim will only paid from the 6th July 2012. As far as I work it out from the 1st to the 3rd inclusive are wating days so I should have been paid from the 4th July 2012. I naturally called to ask the reason why, but I was told there was nothing on the system explaining why I am to be paid only from the 6th. I was told I would get a call back from one of the processing team and surprise, suprise that did not happen. Does anyone know if there has been a change to these rules?
  20. Hello another update. I have had a phoncall from the manager of the job centre regarding the letter sent by my MP. I have an appointment on Monday to discuss the issues I have raised. I will hopefully then get my issues resolved to my satisfaction. Will update after the meeting on Monday.
  21. Just an update I have today recieved a letter from my Local Mp informing me that they have written to the Manager of the job centre. Hopefully it will be a good outcome.
  22. I guess you are to want of a better phrase nystagmite one of the lucky ones, who actually have an advisor who is reasonable and understands the job market. This advisor told me as she put up a list of jobs I could apply for in the 90 min travelling time there are loads there for you. What she failed to do was actually look at these jobs and filter them down to my suitabilty. All were retails jobs that I have no experience or qualifications in. So how many of these jobs would then be filtered down to wanting no experience, that were enough hours to pay rent ect. I live in the North west where it is known for high levels of poverty and less job availabilty. My guess would be probably a dozen. one weeks of job search done. Not to mention the fact that I am over qualified for them and they would prefer younger than I so they can pay less wages, as my experience at an interview for pets at home. I was oldest interviewee there.
  23. I agree debt4get. Why is their interpretation taken over mine or anybody elses? They may aswell just give me a list to plan out my day. 7.30am to 8am breakfast...don't bother having a cooked breakfast because you cannot eat it in the timeframe given unless you want indigestion. 8am to 8.15am have a shower.....if you do not have a shower then tough have a body wash instead. 8.15am spend one hour looking at one particular job site. ect ect ect. What happens if I am unffortunate enough not to get a job and at the 13 week review it will then be spend 8 hours a day looking for jobs, where will it end? I am not a robot I am a human being.
  24. I know nystagmite that why I am asking where it has come from. I believe they are not right in telling me how many hours I should do. It is like telling me I should only sleep 5 hours a day and spend 30 mins eating for each meal and then an hour a day cleaning in order that I am more employable as I am available for more hours a day for working. It also does not stipulate how many days it should be. It will probably be for all seven knowing how they work.
  25. Can anyone give me details of where the directive of having to spend a certain amount of hours a day job seeking has come from please. I have looked at the job seekers act 1995 and cannot find anything and also the job seekers allowance act 1996 and cannot find anything that says I must spend a certain amount of hours per day job seeking. If anyone know which act stipulates this can you please direct me to to it. Thanks
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