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  1. thanks for your reply. I have two other questions hopefully you can answer. why does it take so long for the system to lift the restrictions as it has been five daysvand still the restrictions are in place and can it be manually over ridden?
  2. hello all can anyone explain to me how a company places restrictions on a landline. I ask because the day my bill was due o2 put my landline on incoming calls only. This wad the 20th august. I paid my bill on the 22nd august and still the restrictions have not been lifted. i have called them 3 times and each time get told different things. First it would take 24 hours then it went to 48 hours then it went to four days and the last occasion i was told it e four working days. when i asked why they said an engineer would have to go to the exchange and lift the restriction. i don't believe this to be true mt line is on and i can make free calls just not charegable ones so why does an engineer need to be called out surely its done remotely via computer? Can anyone explain how it works thanks as at this rate i wont be able to use my phone till Thurs this week nine days after it was restricted.
  3. reading that letter sickens me. Every time I go to the job centre it's made obvious that they are trying to find ways to sanction people. I am a big fan of the Guardian and it's a pity more people do not read it and see how things are in reality instead of buying the daily mail and the sun who spout nothing but utter rubbish. something needs to be done, there are groups who stick for the disabled and quite rightly so, but no one dare stand up for those who are unemployed and trying their best to get a job who are treated despicably by, for want of better word by morons, many of whom enjoy seeing job seekers having all their dignity taken away from them.
  4. you sound just like the advisors at the job center Impecunious and all the liberal ideological thinking that precedes today, no understanding whatsoever for people and how difficult things can be and because someone does not have a job in an employers world who can pick and choose from hundreds of applicants it's automatically their fault. I wish I was back in victoria britain at least I would be able to just walk into a job without having fill in application forms, write CVs and then have an interview before I am even considered for a job and then have to struggle before I am even paid for the work I have done. The victorians were cruel but at least they kept things far more simple than they do today. The politicians do not see this and blame only the job seeker for not trying hard enough. If finding a job was just as simple as contacting an employer I would have hundreds of jobs to go to. I agree with lily-monroe I am not interested in playing games just so I can eat and have anything else that is my human right. I am a person who should be treated with respect no matter what my values are, no one has the right to dictate how people should think and act just to satisfy their own beliefs.
  5. you have much more means than anyone else because running a car is expensive.
  6. exactly Impecunious. its about exactly who you are. no one was questioning what you stand for but you questioned me and what I stand for. you told me to stop applying for housing and tax benefits because my stance is I will not work in a charity shop because I believe it will not benefit me. you then state that I should be grateful that I am able to eat and receive whatever else I need each day. Why should I be grateful for this? I cannot make an employer employ me, I cannot be responsible for the economic climate, I cannot be responsible for companies being greedy and placing their millions of profits into bank accounts, and will not invest, because they place no confidence in the economic climate to make them further millions. I am not responsible for anything. All I want is a job if no one will give me one thats not my fault.
  7. you said things far better than I ever could lily-monroe and in my experience those that enjoy playing the game are not as genuine as those who would rather be straight up and find they are punished for being so.
  8. just one thing to add how do you afford a car on JSA because i couldnt?
  9. ok Impecunious you have your opinions and I have mine. We could argue for all eternity about what you think is right and about what I think is right. You carry on doing what is best for you and I will do the same. I wish you luck in your quest for work and I thank you for your input. What is good for one person may be not be good for another and I believe we must all be understanding of how each person feels. Some see other things that some do not. \if we do not see things how others do does that mean they are different from us? I think not.
  10. Yes I have been told it is not good enough. I do not believe in CVs if truth be told some people can present themselves good on paper but in person they are different and vica versa. Everything is too generic there is no flexibility and this is what causes problems. No one is thought of as an individual and therefore spme who would be ideal do not qualify as this, that and the other.
  11. tough love or the stick as I like to call it does not work with me. Treat me with the respect that I and everyone else who is looking for work deserves works far better than putting people down and making them feel like nobodies because they cannot get employment. I mean who really wants to live off £71 per week its an absolute pittance.
  12. I am not asking for anyones sympathy, I am simply stating that I am trying to do my best and my best is being perceived as not good enough and so I am being forced into doing something that has no benefit to me getting a job at all. If you do not stand up and say hold on a minute this is getting beyond a joke now then they will keep on doing what they do.
  13. I have been doing that Impecunious, why do you think I took my qualifications off my CV so I could get any job. I went for an interview on Friday walked to the place which was a 50min walk in the rain as there is no bus there. the job was working as a picker packer, the interviewers asked would I be prepared to work a days trial I said yes, would I be happy on busy periods to go without lunch break I said yes and would I be prepared to work overtime I said yes. What more is expected of me. I went on Wednesday to an interview for a cleaning job, 70 other applicants and I have previous cleaning experience and I did not get it because my experience was not recent, the week before same again I went to an interview for a cleaning job same response. I try my best and if my best is not good enough and I am slated for that, then No wonder I have the attitude I have.
  14. I understand what you are saying and I am fully aware of what will happen. I appreciate you are trying to help and you are giving some really good advice. This advisor is determined to get me into any job, they say it every time I see them. If I get a sanction so be it I am not prepared to be brow beaten and if it means cutting my nose off to spite my face then I am happy to accept that, my experience tells me that the more you give the more people want and the more unreasonable the demands become. If sticking up for myself means I will suffer then I will, in my opinion playing the game will only make things worse not better,as sooner or later things will escalate.
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