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  1. Hi i signed up with noodle and the information was not showing in my financial account information. This section did show all the other cards that i have.
  2. thank you shall send them recorded del in the morning. I really appreciate the help i might actually sleep tonight now.
  3. Do you think it would be ok if sent them a copy of that letter together with the request for a CCA
  4. Thank you Renegadeimp I shall do. Certaintly caused me a lot of stress the thought of them calling here.
  5. thank you DonkeyB. Yes i recieved a notice of assignment in Dec 2011 so quite a while back. I was unsure of how they were able to sell a account that was in dispute. I will send Wescot the same letter I sent to rockwell. god bless you for your help.
  6. Hi Guys, i really hope you can help me. As you can see from the previous posts i had an issue with Rockwell and after a period of silence from them (after following the advice given by this forum) i finally recieved a letter saying requesting payment from Arrow global. I ingorned that letter and recieved a letter from someone called Wescot credit services LTD two weeks ago( i ingorned t hat letter). However, today i recieved another letter from them stating I have 7 days to pay or a door step collector will visit my home. As i live with my parents i am really worried about this. Can they do this and what should i do as i have no money to pay.
  7. Thanks Jimbo, I was unaware that they had to go to court in order to change the payment amount, this now makes me realise why they told me the offer of a £1 was no longer acceptable as they were clearly trying to attempt to goad me in making some new offer due to the demand of full payment my only regret is that I didn't know about this website when they first contacted me as I would have cca'd them straight away.
  8. Cheers i'll make sure to post any further developments.
  9. Thanks Mate, puts my mind at ease somewhat, i'm wondering what new name they will use next. Its worrying having them phone all the time but from what you say this sounds like they are just trying to use another scare tactic on me thank god for this excellent site.
  10. HI Guys Since my last post Rockwell have attempted to phoned me around 25 times, I made sure I did not speak to them on any of these occasions well today I received the following letter: Notice of recovery Action Fenton Cooper is a specialist debt collection agency. We have been instructed by our client to collect recover this outstanding balance on their behalf. Read this notice carefully and follow the instructions and reply immediately. Failure to take the above action immediately may resulting the following actions: 1 A DEBT COLLECTOR MAY CALL AT YOUR HOME 2 A COURT JUDGEMENT / DECREE MAY BE REQUESTED You should be aware that any court costs awarded will be added to your debt Your faithfully Fenton Cooper By the way it is important to note that this company just happens to have the exact same address as Rockwell, my question is what should I do next I live with my parents so I assume they would not be allowed to call upon their house, does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed. Thanking you in advance
  11. Hi Guys I’ve spent a week thinking over my decision and have decided I am not going to continue paying the £1 in part as they have told me more than once that this is no longer acceptable and "that they are not prepared to continue accepting £1 per month". Do I need to send them a letter informing them of this or should I just take no further action and wait for them to send me another letter. Thank you kindly for all your outstanding Help.
  12. Thanks guys for all help I really appreciate it and will be making a small donation to the site for the help I’ve had. I hope you guys could give a little more advice in that if I follow the advice given by DonkeyB and PGH7447 should I write to Rockwell and tell them I will no longer be making any payments and that I want them to enforce the original default issued and if doing this should I be worried about the case of MCguffick v RBS that they quoted at me or should I just do nothing and simply stop paying the pound and have no further contact with them, also if I could ask firstship why he thinks it would be best for me to continue paying the £1 thanks guys.
  13. Hi guys thanks for your help so far Rockwell have replied to me with this letter, We note your request for a copy of the original agreement quoting section 77-79 of the consumer credit act 1974. Unfortunately the agreement is no longer available. We are therefore unable to comply fully with your request however we enclose a statement of the account showing payments made to us since agreement. Notwithstanding this loan remains valid and we except you to meet your obligations under the agreement. We acknowledge the fact that until we comply with our obligation to send you a copy of your credit agreement pursuant to S.77 (1) of the consumer credit act 1974 (CCA) we can not enforce your credit agreement through the courts. This is not in dispute Whilst we are unable to take legal action to enforce the loan this does not affect the validity of the underlying debt. Section 77(4)of the CCA does not make the agreement void, therefore as the debt still exists we are entitled to carry out any actions that do not amount to enforcing the agreement including demanding payment, charging interest, transferring the debt to a third party, Registering the debt with a credit reference agency and issuing a default notice. This was upheld in the recent case of MCGuffick V Royal Bank of Scotland plc. We therefore reserve our right to register any default with the credit reference agency. In respect of any claim that this debt is in “dispute”, we agree that the agreement is unenforceable in a court of law as explained above however we can prove that the money lent to you has not been repaid to date and therefore neither of these facts are in dispute and we consider this matter resolved. Please therefore continue with your payments towards the account. Were do I stand on this as the letter they sent my last week stated the £1 payments were no longer acceptable and that they will take litigation if I don’t pay, also why are they referring the money owed as a loan when it was a credit card with the HSBC should I continue paying a £1 any help would be really appricated as I don’t really know what to do at this point.
  14. Thanks guys i'll let you know when they reply.
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