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  1. I have three accounts that have all gone to Droyds. Empire, La Redoute and Vertbaudet. I CCA'd them all on 16th May, signed for 17th May. This morning I received the same letter word for word, as posted above. I am just curious though, is there any truth in what they say with regards to "the regulation only requires us to provide a copy of the agreement and it is not necessary to provide a signature box. I refer you to REgulation 3 - Consumer Credit (Cancellation Notices and Copies of Documents) Regulations 1983 (SI. No. 16557)" Any words of wisdom appreciated as this letter has done its j
  2. Hi I had an £18k loan with A&L in February 2006 but I fell behind with payments due to ill health. I took advice from the CCCS and have been paying the majority of my creditors £1 per month for the past 6 months. A&L wouldnt have any of it and now the situation is that they have won the court case against me, however, I applied for a variance of order because they were demanding the full amount, which obviously I cant pay. I received the date for the "variance of an order" this morning but with no guidelines as to what I need to take to court or what the procedure is. Can an
  3. Hi! We have recorded delivery letter receipts that show when we first notified them and fax delivery reports and the garage would confirm that the car was in the shop last Thurs and when Welcome didnt authorise the repairs. Would that be sufficient?
  4. Thanks all for comments. Looking forward to hearing back about the 1p thing. My husband took a day off work to take the car to the garage on Thurs (nearest approved Welcome ones is 25miles away), left the car there all day, called them at 4pm only to be told that Welcome had not actually authorised the repairs after all!!! So the car had been just sat there all day! Husband was furious, came back and called Welcome to tell them we want the agreement cancelled, our £1000 deposit back and wait to hear from our solicitor, Trading Standards and the FSA re the £1 thing. Anyway, we had a call
  5. Hi all We bought a car 3 year old from Welcome Car, Birmingham in August last year, having been assured by the salesperson that it had been subject to a multipoint check, was mot'd, safe to drive. blah blah Anyway, after 8 weeks of driving it, the exhaust fell off, whilst going down a dual carriageway, at night, with my 8 month old daughter in her car seat next to me!!! After getting over the shock and several grey hairs later, it was towed to Kwik fit, who the next day did an inspection of the car.... The result was pretty shocking! The exhaust was completely corroded, the front and
  6. Hi all Sent my copies of "documents to be relied on in court" to Lloyds, SCM and the Court recorded delivery on the 19th, as they had to be received by the 24th October, for a hearing on 27th November. However, I have received nothing from SCM and on the Hearing Allocation notice, it states that if the documents are not received by all parties by the 24th October, the evidence may be disallowed. Is this some kind of delaying tactic by SCM? Has this happened to anyone else? Any advice or comments appreciated! I was hoping Lloyds would have paid up by now! Why on earth do they insi
  7. Hi again! I have rooted through all the paperwork files and found one other piece of info. Another default notice. THe only figures on it are as follows: The Company will serve notice in writing demanding payment of the outstanding balance less applicable rebate as set out below on or after the date specified above. If nothing is received we shall bring proceedings against you for all the monies outstanding. Balance outstanding: £17,180.12 Less Rebate Allowable*: £3,372.10 Amount to be paid: £13, 808.02 *This rebate allowable on future instalments has been calculated
  8. I did acknowledge and have until this Tues to place defence or admission and I do understand about the interest! Dont worry, I didn't think you were being patronising! I just dont want to admit all if there are unlawful charges on there. So what should I put???? Shall I admit it all and then use the bits out of your defence regarding not having had a breakdown from them? Their particulars really are sparse arent they!!! lol Em
  9. Forgot to add, I have until Tuesday to file my defence, then my 28 days is up. They used Moneyclaim. Em
  10. Which bit is ok? Admit the whole amount? But would I then be able to defend the unlawful charges after I have officially admitted the whole lot? I had one default notice and it didnt detail the charges, all it said was that unless I paid up, the matter would be passed to a solicitor. I contacted both the solicitor and the A&L for the breakdown but neither have responded. Particulars of Claim 1. Claimant made a loan to Defendant. 2. Claimant sent default notice to Defendant requested overdue payments to be made. 3. The amount claimed has not been paid. 4. Particulars of
  11. Hi again Thanks for the info. I understand what you are saying but where you have written that "I admit outstanding balance of £6058.41" what would I put there because all I have is a figure on the court papers. I have no breakdown of figures whatsoever, so I dont know if there is a collection charge, penalty fees or over-projected interest have been added on. I'm sure they have because the original loan was for £15k and they are asking for nearly £18k back! Sorry for all the questions but I dont want to admit the whole amount and find that once I've done it, I cant defend any unlawful
  12. Hi Karnevil Thanks for your messages, I look forward to your advice. I am thinking or perhaps putting a defence into the whole amount on grounds that I do not have, and never have been supplied with all the account charges and transactions. Does that sound ok? Em
  13. Hi all One more thing, if I go ahead and admit all the money, does it mean that at a later date, I wont be able to lodge a claim for the unlawful charges? I only ask because I have until this Tues to lodge my admission and/or defence. Em
  14. Hi all Received the Notice of Allocation to the Small Claims Track (Hearing) this morning! Whilst I'm happy to go to court, I was hoping they would pay up before I had to!! Oh well!! Does anyone know if they are likely to pay up before the hearing date or is this going to have to go all the way? Any advice or moral support would be great!!! Em
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