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  1. Yes, I'd been paying some form of protection insurance on all of my cards (Capital One, Barclaycard and Citi) up until recently. I had asked each one about the PPI issue, but I just got fobbed off. I was in such a bad state physically and mentally that I even forgot to ask them to 'Activate' the so called PPI, due to the fact that I was ill and not able to work. But they've done nothing, except to pass my details on to credit collection agents (Even though I have asked them to stop chasing, freeze interest and have sent them each £10 per month as some form of payment).
  2. Hi, this is my first time here. I would appreciate any help or advice. Here's my situation. I've been self employed for over 12 years, and up until the last 2 years everything was fine, then I was struck with ill health. Firstly I was diagnosed with Crohn's and then more recently with Bi-Polar disorder (Manic Depression). Which has made it extremely difficult for me to function as a self employed person, and has also made some of my business decisions look rather stupid in the cold light of day. Any way, all of this has lead me to my current position (All my own fault I kno
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