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  1. No, I am not saying that there are damages. please dont get me wrong here.... I have not seen any photos of damages. cause those evidences are not yet sent to me, I have requested evidences/photos to landlord and DPS. I think landlord is either faking the cost or he is changing/refurbishing the furniture and putting the cost onto me saying that I have damaged them....
  2. first I didnt do the damages which were later supplied to DPS by the landlord and the landlord is claiming the amount which is more than my deposit. Unfortunately mistake from myside, I did not take any photographs before leaving the property. And I think this is enough for landlord to rip me off(due to lack of evidence to prove otherwise).
  3. Can anyone help me with the query?? It would be really great help if anyone has any comments on the query....
  4. Planner, thank you for response. fortunately my deposit is with DPS and we are in single claim dispute now. my landlord has sent big list of damages to ADR (DPS) and DPS has asked me to response against landlords claim. so am I liable to pay for those expenses which were never discussed or agreed at the time of vacating the property?? thank you.
  5. Hello, When I was leaving rented property(on last day), landlord and myself prepared the list of damages/repairs and I agreed to those damages. Now landlord has sent a big list of damages and repairs list which was never discussed that time of leaving. My query is, can landlord charge/deduct amount outside agreed list? the cost of all the damages/repairs shown by landlord are going beyond my deposit amount. and am I liable to pay for the all damages/repairs landlord has provided against my deposit? and what if I dont pay those costs to landlord. thank you. save my deposi
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