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  1. Hi, I live with my boyfriend in a shared house and I am looking at going Bankrupt. I owe probably close to 30k and I can't do an IVA as not in permanent work and all I have been able to get lately is temporary/contra t jobs so can't commit to the £260pm that Debt Free Direct wanted me to sign up for. If I go bankrupt will they take into acount his wages even if all of my dets are in my name and we don't share our money. There are 4 people in the shared house and we all pay an equal amount of the rent and bills split 4 ways. The other problem is my name is not on the lease because my credit is so poor and I couldn't get a guarantor that the letting agents wanted. Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi, I have received a letter today from Collect Services saying: Unpaid Penalty Charge Amount Due £368.04 The enforcement of road traffic debts (certified Baliffs) regulations 1993 Dear Sir/Madam We act for Reading Borough Council CEO in respect of the following Penalty Charge Notice. Vehicle Reg Description and location on contravention AS the sum due has not been paid a warrent of execution has been issued adn we are now empowered to enforce collection. If you have any dispute about this debt it must be put in writing and where relevant supported by documentary evidence. Our call centre cannot resolve any disputes over the telephone. I sold this car back in August 2009 and the parking ticket is dated February 2010. I have emailed them but have had no response. Does anyone know where I stand with this? I'm really worried because I live in shared house and hardly anything belongs to me here and more to the point it's not my debt? Thanks Mich
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